Create Your Own Cute Coupon Organizer


We all know there is a sudden hype about coupons. It’s actually quite comical to me, honestly. Coupons have been around forever, yet thanks to some show (which I haven’t even seen cuz I don’t have cable myself) everyone is going crazy for coupons! I’ve always been a coupon clipper, my husband has always teased me about it. But, I am not a “Crazy Coupon Lady”. I just like to save on the products I am already planning on buying. I am not into the […]

Friday Confessional #02

I confess that I have tons of unfinished projects lying around. I always find something new I wanna try before I ever fully finish one. Please tell me I’m not the only one… I confess that I am a sucker for a good book. I confess that I have had a serious case of the good old green-eye the last few weeks. I know it’s wrong and I keep reminding myself to be grateful for what I do have, but sometimes that just doesn’t cut […]

Wordless Wednesday #02


Jazereigh’s 4th Birthday party September 2009(Jazzy in the middle with her 2 friends) Side note: You can now like my posts on facebook with the simple click of a button! <3

Haircuts & Camera Straps


I’ve had a rather boring couple of days. Mother’s day was really nice. My husband got me a really pretty necklace, of a mother holding a baby in the center of a heart, accented with pink sapphires. (pink is my fav color) Then he kept the girls occupied for awhile so I could have some me-time. I’m sure alot of mom’s think they should spend the whole day with their kids, but for me, every day I spend all day with my kids. So it […]

Monkey Monday: Oo Oo Baby!


For this Monday’s “Monkey Monday” theme I decided to do tutus! More specifically, handmade monkey tutu sets. Can’t go wrong with that, right? Check out this adorable Monkey Birthday Tutu set from Tutti Cutesy Tutus on Etsy! Both of these cuties come from Nana’s Tutus on Etsy. She has several more monkey designs available, it was hard to choose just 2 to share! And last but not least, this customizable Funky Monkey Tutu from Hannah’s Tutus on Etsy. Were you featured on this post? Grab […]