Create Your Own Cute Coupon Organizer

We all know there is a sudden hype about coupons. It’s actually quite comical to me, honestly. Coupons have been around forever, yet thanks to some show (which I haven’t even seen cuz I don’t have cable myself) everyone is going crazy for coupons! I’ve always been a coupon clipper, my husband has always teased me about it. But, I am not a “Crazy Coupon Lady”. I just like to save on the products I am already planning on buying. I am not into the “hoarding” because I can get something free, and I don’t buy unnecessary items.

Anyways, on to the main reason for this post, I wanted to share my coupon organization solution. There are many, many ways out there. But all I have found have been a little over-the-top for me, a modest coupon clipper. With a 5 year old and an almost-two-year-old, there’s no way I am going to carry a huge zip binder or a large plastic box into walmart, lol. When you have little kids, they just about always take over the front of the basket. So where do you put those things? Plus you get funny stares from people and whispers about how crazy you are. Who knows, maybe you are crazy, I admit I am sometimes. LOL. Stuff like that doesn’t bother some people, but others it might bother. But I don’t get whispers and funny stares. Today I even had a guy ask his wife why she doesn’t have one of these, lol!

I found this cute little binder at Walmart a few months ago, over where they keep the baseball cards and stuff in the front of the store. You may have seen the zip binder solution that requires a ton of those sheets for a large binder? Well this is like a mini album and already has some sheets in it. Best part? IT’S SMALL! About 8″ tall and 6.5″ wide. It holds a decent amount of coupons too, 112 to be exact, unless you double them up. It easily fits inside your purse, or diaper bag. No excess mess to deal with or extra things to keep track of. If you are one that likes to combine coupons and register rewards and always have a crapload of coupons on you this might not be the solution for you. But, it works for me, with my little family of 4. And it’s nice that it is the size I can take with me if I need to run to the store real quick and happen to see something on sale I know I have a coupon for, and don’t have to run back out to the car to get the coupons. You could even make one for just Groceries or just specific store coupons or whatever if you want, even having 2 of them on you is not a burden!

Ready to make your own? Come on you know you wanna! =)

Step 1: Find a collector’s album! Mine was $4.98 at walmart! Not too bad.

Step 2: You can skip this part if you want, it depends on how picky you are. But it was driving me nuts being able to see the coupons btw the pages. It looked messy, so if you are an OCD-type you may wanna go ahead and do this lol. My album has 14 pages, with 4 slots in each page. So if you have the same as me, you will need to cut 56 blank “cards”, size 3.5″ x 2 5/8″. This way you can put a coupon in front of it and in back of it, making it much neater! I recommend cardstock, because paper is too flimsy for continuous switching of coupons.

Step 3: Purchase some notepads! These I got were the small ones from walmart, $1.44 for all 3, so definitely affordable.

Step 4: The binder doesn’t come with a slot for a notepad, this was my idea, because I wanted to have somewhere I could jot notes if I needed to remind myself a certain sale or which coupons I could double up (ok, I just made myself sound a little bit like a crazy coupon lady right there) In order to cut a slot, the easiest way for me was to hold the notepad up to the binder, be sure to choose first if you want your notepad in front or back, and then use scissors to cut a line along it. Make it just a tad bit longer slit than the size of the notepad, and be sure to go almost an inch down from the top of the binder so it holds up longer.

Step 5: Also optional. I used labeling stickers I already had here at home for my “dividers”. I used pink to specify pages for my baby items, since all my kids are girls, a couple of yellow for household, couple orange for hygiene, etc… I didn’t write on mine but if you need to you can! You could get more specific if you wanted to, this is just how I chose to do mine. I leave the first 2 sheets un-tabbed because that’s where I move the coupons I intend on planning on a specific trip.

Step 6: Pick a printable page from the pages I’ve made for you (if you want it to be cute, of course!) and add it to the front of your binder, and voilah! You have a totally simple, yet hip, coupon organizer!

Another nifty Idea: I didn’t do this, but, I was thinking, if you wanted to always be able to have a pen handy you could super glue or hot glue a small piece of elastic large enough to hold a pen! Just an idea =) I think I might have to do that next time I break out my glue gun!!

In case you decide you want 2 or 3 of these, I have included several different cover pages for you to choose from including: Crazy Coupon Lady, Almost Crazy Coupon Lady, Coupons, Other Coupons, Miscellaneous, Store Coupons, Groceries & Household. The preview isn’t the best, these are large files at 300dpi so they print very well, and apparently don’t resize super small very well lol!

(click the image below to download the freebie printables!

Feel free to share this idea with friends! A link back to this post is always appreciated =) If you have questions feel free to ask!!

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  1. ive seen alot of different solutions and this is by far my favorite! i might be a little jealous that you are so creative, the notepad was an awesome idea. thank you so so much for sharing! i have been dreading jumping on the coupon seen but i think this gives me a good excuse!

  2. Very Creative! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Linda S. says:

    Love it!! I’m going to have to run by walmart after I get my Sunday paper tomorrow! Question, what do you do with the larger coupons? Just fold them up or something?

    • Glad you like it!!
      Actually, the album is one of those clear view binders, so the back side has a clear view just like the front. If they are the really large ones I stick them back there. But if they are just a little too long I fold them in half and stick them with the rest of them!!

  4. Not into coupons like my mom is. My mom seriously almost gets her entire grocery list for free. She never buys toothpaste, toothbrushes, mouth wash, razers, you name it she doesn’t pay for it because of coupons. I just have not gotten into it. Maybe once we are back in the states it may be easier. This is such a incredibly cute idea. My mom gave me a binder like you used in highschool to keep mine in but it just sits there empty haha.

  5. Cute site! I love your designs, I may just have to save up and get one! I’m your newest follower.

    Hope you’re having a great day!

  6. Just stopping in to say that I hope you’re doing well and that all is okay in your world!

    Thinking of you!

  7. Thanks for finally writing about >Create Your Own Cute Coupon Organizer — Perpetual Love
    <Loved it!

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