Friday Confessional #02


I confess that I have tons of unfinished projects lying around. I always find something new I wanna try before I ever fully finish one. Please tell me I’m not the only one…

I confess that I am a sucker for a good book.

I confess that I have had a serious case of the good old green-eye the last few weeks. I know it’s wrong and I keep reminding myself to be grateful for what I do have, but sometimes that just doesn’t cut it damnit.

I confess that I have way more online friends than I do in real life. Guess I’m cooler online or something. Many of the girls I’ve met online are even better friends to me than the ones I have met in real life. *sigh* Makes me feel like I need to reevaluate myself. But someday I will make a friend in real life who will like me for me, including my flaws, because they are what make me, me, after all.

I confess that I hop around to at least 5 new blogs a day. Random links I see on other blogs. And am still amazed at how many blogs are out there.

I confess that Friday the 13th means nothing to me. If anything the 13th should make it lucky, seeing how my lucky number is 13. Not that I really believe in luck at all.

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  1. Okay, first … I would absolutely be your friend in real life!

    Second … I too, have a ton of unfinished projects/blog posts/etc. It’s a little ridiculous!

    And I think I should hop around to more blogs than I currently do!!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  2. You are definitely NOT the only one with tons of unfinished projects! I always hope & *plan* to catch up… oh dear, I guess I’ll confess I have some projects from the 80′s I still hope to finish. There simply isn’t enough hours in a day and too many things, like fb for example, that seem to eat up way too much of the time we do have available to us. I try to keep fb off and do other stuff but then I’m hit with overload on fb. Maybe I need to cut down my friends list? I hate to do that. Like you I have way more friends on fb than irl – though some are rl friends that I just don’t see anymore because we’ve moved a lot. I would SO be there for you irl if we lived close enough; you are an awesome person and I LOVE your quirks! LOL

  3. PS – Some of my favorite memories are of when we got to spend time together irl! all those late night talks in the office… the balloons… seeing you get ready for your dates with Byron… all the cool ways you arranged and decorated your room… the secrets you shared with me… the way I fell in love with the person you are… you are straight up COOL & FUN & you have a wonderful smile and laugh!!!

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