Haircuts & Camera Straps

I’ve had a rather boring couple of days. Mother’s day was really nice. My husband got me a really pretty necklace, of a mother holding a baby in the center of a heart, accented with pink sapphires. (pink is my fav color) Then he kept the girls occupied for awhile so I could have some me-time. I’m sure alot of mom’s think they should spend the whole day with their kids, but for me, every day I spend all day with my kids. So it was nice to have a few hours just to be to myself with no interruptions. Then he somehow cleaned the kitchen. This is a man that never cleans, unless he is in the “doghouse”, and since joining the Army 4+ years ago has helped me clean after dinner maybe 10 times total. So I was pretty impressed. He then preceded to grill steaks and bake potatoes, while still having the girls occupied.

…. Hello handsome, where have you been all my life?

…. Aw yes, that’s right, You’ve been here. I just don’t recognize you right now …

Anyways. Monday I took Jazereigh to get her hair cut. It was driving my bonkers with the yucky ends. She was pretty excited, she loves getting hair cuts. More like – she loves sitting in that chair and having her hair washed without getting water in her face. Gotta admit the hair washing is my favorite part of it too, I don’t blame her. We only got about an inch and a half cut off of it, and relayered it, but it’s amazing how much nicer it is with such a simple fix. I shoulda taken a before photo but I forgot =/

Then today, I worked on some orders for another website of mine, and managed to make myself a pretty camera strap cover! Yay! Out with the ugly red and black Canon strap and in with the light pink/brown damask pattern cover! It looks black in the photo but it’s not lol. I’ve been wanting to make one of these forever, and finally found a few spare moments to do it! Yay Me!

That’s about it! We have been waiting to find out if my husband is deploying this month or not. I’m getting ancy because I just hate not knowing things. I am a super duper planner, I have to be able to plan ahead for things. And when I know I might need to plan and am not able to specify a timeline it super duper bugs me! Grr! Yet, as any Military significant other knows – Hurry up and wait, story of my life.

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