Birthday Cupcakes!


My little one turned 2 yesterday (Friday). I was a little sad we didn’t have a party for her, but hoping to do one in the next couple of weeks with just my family. I’ve always wanted to be the cool mom that throws big birthday parties. But unfortunately with moving so much, seems I’ve never been able to make the real kind of friends that want to participate. Of course I’m more than happy to attend other parties and bring presents and help out, […]

Life Changing Events

I know. I’m a bad blogger. But it’s ok. There are other things I promise I am good at. Like being a mom. And making Spaghetti. And spending money. Sorry for being MIA for awhile. I keep meaning to get on here and let my readers know what’s going on with me but I always get overwhelmed at the thought of sitting down and rethinking it all. Long story short. My husband deployed Monday, May 16th. I knew it was coming, but somehow I wasn’t […]