Birthday Cupcakes!

My little one turned 2 yesterday (Friday). I was a little sad we didn’t have a party for her, but hoping to do one in the next couple of weeks with just my family. I’ve always wanted to be the cool mom that throws big birthday parties. But unfortunately with moving so much, seems I’ve never been able to make the real kind of friends that want to participate. Of course I’m more than happy to attend other parties and bring presents and help out, but when it comes to “friends” doing that for my kids, nah. No such thing. I’ve got one friend like that, she came over and helped out with Jazzy’s party a couple years ago and she didn’t even have kids. But we live in 2 different states so ya know how that goes.

Maybe one day I’ll be cool enough in real life to have real friends. Maybe….

Anyways. I made Makayla some pretty little cupcakes to match her color scheme I was going to use if we had a party. A dear friend of mine made her a birthday outfit to match her theme, so I kept the cupcakes the same theme even though it was just us.

I didn’t even know that Cars 2 came out Friday til I saw people on facebook posting about it, but I decided it would be the perfect thing to do, considering how big a fan of McQueen both of my girls are, lol. So I took them, and they loved it. With as big of a failure as I was feeling like, the happiness they showed melted it away. Kids have a funny way of doing that sometimes.

(Makayla in her birthday outfit, what a birthday diva! Lol)

I’m slowly trying to get my blogging mojo back. Just have had alot going on, most of it stuff that I don’t just want to put out there for the world to see I guess. Or maybe I wouldn’t mind if the world saw it, just certain people I’d like to not have access into all of my thoughts. A big thanks again to those who keep checking in with me.

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  1. Holy Cuteness Batman!! She looks adorable in that outfit and those cupcakes are super sweet!

    Happy (now belated) Birthday Makayla!

    If we lived in the same state, I’d so help with the big birthday thing – I love doing it for my nephew each year! You’ll make friends where you are now, just wait and see!

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