Life Changing Events

I know. I’m a bad blogger. But it’s ok. There are other things I promise I am good at.

Like being a mom. And making Spaghetti. And spending money.

Sorry for being MIA for awhile. I keep meaning to get on here and let my readers know what’s going on with me but I always get overwhelmed at the thought of sitting down and rethinking it all.

Long story short. My husband deployed Monday, May 16th. I knew it was coming, but somehow I wasn’t as prepared as I thought I was for it. See, this wasn’t just another deployment for us. This was the day we decided would be the turning point of our marriage, the day we considered ourselves to be officially seperated. It’s been a long time coming, honestly. But it didn’t make it hurt any less. 8 years is a long time to love someone, and it’s not something you can just turn off.

So I spent a couple of days sulking around after that. Then the next 10 days I spent vigorously packing up our 3 bedroom home, alone, and selling lots of furniture and junk, so that I would be able to move back home to Texas to try and pick up the pieces of my life. Thursday, May 26th, the day before I was set to leave to drive back home, my mom passed away. I knew that was coming too, she had been admitted to the hospital the week before and we knew what her chances were. But it didn’t make it any easier.

Friday, May 27th, I started my drive with my 2 little girls, pulling a uhaul trailor, back to Texas. The drive was pretty smooth, thankfully. I am so blessed to have such well behaved, patient, happy little girls. I arrived at my brother’s house that Sunday.

Spent that week looking for a place to live, and got lucky enough to sign a lease on my new apartment with an awesome move in special June 1st. Since then I spent my time unpacking, decorating, and trying to make this place feel like a home. I’ve sent in my application to start school next semester, and am waiting to get that approved, and am contemplating if this is a good time to get a job or not.

I’m a little freaked out that I’m already 6 months pregnant, it somehow creeped up on me. Hard to believe this is already June, and in September I will be bringing another precious little girl into this world. Yikes =/

So yeah, that’s it for now. I will try to be back later this week to post pics of the new place and my girls <3 Thanks to those who have emailed me and commented checking in! It’s nice to know I’m not forgotten.

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  1. Marcy while checking my recipe stuff out I saw you posted a new blog. I am really sorry that you guys are separated and I really wish you the best with your new chapter in your journey. You really have a great family and you do well with the girls. I wish I could help but I know you are gonna pull through this and come out awesome on the other side. Hang in there.

  2. I am so sorry to hear about all of your loss. Loss is hard, but to have it happen so much and so quickly is heartbreaking to read.

    I am so impressed to read of how you got things in control and on track as soon as you got to Texas. Keep at it!

    You are in my thoughts constantly and I hope you continue to do well. If you need anything, please let me know. You know my email address!

  3. My condolences- I really hope things start turning around for you & your girls, you deserve happiness. <3

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