Logo, WordPress, & Flash Site Design


I’m  a little late in posting this. My poor blog has been sadly neglected lol. Real life has been crazy for me lately. Sorry!! Just wanted to share the design I came up with for my own Photography site. I have changed it a couple of times and am pretty sure I am going to stick with this look for awhile. Since this is my design blog, so to speak, I wanted to show it off! Pretty Basic Splash Page. Some people like fancy ones, […]

Since Becoming a Mom I’ve learned…

That it’s always handy to keep quarters on you at all times. This makes it so that you can bribe your kids to behave while you’re in the grocery store or wherever in exchange for a gum or candy from the machine or even a ride on the little bus in front. That the mom with the toddler with no shoes on that you normally judge and think “why doesn’t she have shoes on that kid!?” just might be a mom who would rather carry […]

Something About Mondays….


Today was actually a pretty decent day. My girls were really well behaved, which was a surprise. Don’t get me wrong, they are sweet little gals. But they have their mean streaks, and being sisters of course they like to torture eachother. I did a little window shopping and found a washer and dryer I will be getting this weekend. Being that it’s just me and the girls, laundry is a hassle to have to take down to the laundry room we have at our […]

Blog Makeover


I finally took a few minutes (well a lil longer than that but you know lol) to makeover my blog. It’s not much of a makeover really, same basic color scheme (I happen to like these colors), just a little bit lighter, and my nav bar is a bit more complex. So Go Me! Lol. What do ya think? Before: (It was a lil different than this but I forgot to screenshot it before I made some changes. Oops!) After:

Handmade Heaven – Photographer’s Cloud 9


So, being that I am taking my hobby of photography to the next level, I have been stalking etsy religiously the last couple weeks seeing what kind of awesomeness there is in the crochet world. I have ordered several items (more than I really should have) but there just so many amazing things that any photographer would absolutely adore. At least I know I would! Sofia Flower Beanie in Dark Rose – by mamamegsyarnshoppe This is close to the top of my wishlist, and not […]