Blog Makeover

I finally took a few minutes (well a lil longer than that but you know lol) to makeover my blog. It’s not much of a makeover really, same basic color scheme (I happen to like these colors), just a little bit lighter, and my nav bar is a bit more complex. So Go Me! Lol. What do ya think?


(It was a lil different than this but I forgot to screenshot it before I made some changes. Oops!)


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  1. I love the new design – I caught it when you were in the midst of it (I think) …

    I’m itching for a new blog design (for my other blog) … I will keep you in mind when I’m ready! Your designs are very clean and ‘my style’!

  2. I totally do – however it’s much more serious (and a little scary to the outsiders)!!

    Just kidding – but it is much more serious!

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