Handmade Heaven – Photographer’s Cloud 9

So, being that I am taking my hobby of photography to the next level, I have been stalking etsy religiously the last couple weeks seeing what kind of awesomeness there is in the crochet world. I have ordered several items (more than I really should have) but there just so many amazing things that any photographer would absolutely adore. At least I know I would!

Sofia Flower Beanie in Dark Rose – by mamamegsyarnshoppe

This is close to the top of my wishlist, and not for use as a photographer, but because I would love love love to have this when my little one arrives to get photos taken in (whether I take them or someone else, I think this is something I just have to have! Lol)

Flower Petal Bonnet Hat – By Little Owl Creation

This is one of those items that makes me go *sqqueeee*. I just adore it! There are a couple different color variations as well. Sooo cute!

Baby Girl Sock Monkey Hat – by inhstyme

This is one of my favorite color combos for the girl’s sock monkey hat. Isn’t it sweet? I actually already ordered it. *hehe* What can I say, I couldn’t resist! Wendy (the shop owner) is absolutely amazing. She worked with me on a few custom items and I she is incredibly quick! So happy I found her shop!

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  1. Those are adorable! I can totally see why you want them!

    And I cannot wait until your littlest is born … the pictures to come are surely going to be amazing! How long have you got left now?

  2. Thank you!! <3 I’m getting kinda excited to! Lol. She is due September 26, I am 28 weeks pregnant today! So Yah! Lol. I have an ultrasound tomorrow though that will let me know if that date is changing. We haven’t really had an official ultrasound yet, just the kind you pay for =/

  3. So excited for you! Did the date change? How did the ultrasound go?

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