Since Becoming a Mom I’ve learned…

That it’s always handy to keep quarters on you at all times. This makes it so that you can bribe your kids to behave while you’re in the grocery store or wherever in exchange for a gum or candy from the machine or even a ride on the little bus in front.

That the mom with the toddler with no shoes on that you normally judge and think “why doesn’t she have shoes on that kid!?” just might be a mom who would rather carry her kid from the car to the shopping cart with no shoes on then deal with the screaming toddler who insists on removing his/her shoes in the car or in the store.

Instead of noticing the appearance of the mismatched 4 year old with the woman in sweats, notice how happy and bubbly she is… and that might just be because she has an awesome mommy that let her dress herself that day, not caring what you or I would think.

When eating at a fast food restaurant, and you don’t have any kids. It’s considered rude to take up seats next to the play area if there area other moms who are obviously looking for somewhere to sit near the play area. Don’t you know that for many moms, especially stay at home moms, the 30 minutes they spend sitting there watching their kids play while they eat in peace are the only 30 minutes (if they are lucky and it lasts that long) of peace they will get that day? Move your happy little butt on over and sit elsewhere.

And lastly for today, but of course not least, don’t be so quick to judge a situation. You see a kid screaming at his/her mom and she is doing nothing about it? Don’t jump to conclusions that she’s a bad mom, that she “doesn’t have a handle on her kid”, that it’s her fault the kid acts the way he/she does. Maybe they just got out of the car after driving cross country. Maybe that child’s daddy deployed and the kid doesn’t understand why. Maybe the child is sick and more cranky than usual. Maybe that mom is teaching her child that bad behavior is not rewarded with attention – even bad attention. And chooses to appear as if she is ignoring him/her because giving in and retaliating would be in a round a bout way – rewarding the child for their behavior.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this post! While clearly, I am not a mother – I was a nanny and I caught some similarities in there!

    I hope you are doing well and things in your new home are going well.

    Seriously, I wish I lived closer!

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