Something About Mondays….

Today was actually a pretty decent day.

My girls were really well behaved, which was a surprise. Don’t get me wrong, they are sweet little gals. But they have their mean streaks, and being sisters of course they like to torture eachother.

I did a little window shopping and found a washer and dryer I will be getting this weekend. Being that it’s just me and the girls, laundry is a hassle to have to take down to the laundry room we have at our apartments. 7 months pregnant carrying one or two hampers – and sometimes a cranky 2 year old – up and down stairs just doesn’t cut it. Sure, it’s doable. But having my own washer and dryer would simplify life for me, and I am looking forward to that.

I managed to make a couple little headbands for my photography gig….

While my little one took a much needed nap….

Ah yes, Today was actually a pretty decent day…..

Until a huge (insert foul language here) waterbug thing decided to greet me while I was laying on the floor editing some photos… Yes, that’s right. Son of a gun just walked on up towards me like it was no big deal…

I Freaked…

The girls jumped on the couch and watched me. It was quite a site to see. I threw everything that was in it’s path out of the way so it couldn’t touch anything. And managed to somehow get it to go into the kitchen. And you know what I did?

I threw my flip-flop at it.
Oh yeah, I’m super brave. I threw my flip-flop at a big bug….

These are the things that husbands are for. They kill the yucky bugs with their big heavy work boots and get rid of them and make you feel safe. But what do you do when you don’t have one of those with you?

You throw a flip-flop at it….

My little on runs around the side of the couch and hands me her sandal.
That probably would have done more good than the damn flip-flop did. Lol.

Anyways, the flip flop doesn’t do anything but make the sucker run back into my dining room, where I grabbed my vacuum, plugged it in, unhooked the hose part, and before it could escape I sucked it up. And you know what? I am throwing the whole vacuum away.

Yes, I said it. I am throwing the vacuum away.
That thing is alive in there. I can see it thru the green plastic just waiting to come out and run thru my apartment like it owns the place. No way. If I had a bag vacuum I would throw the bag out, but this is the cylinder kind, and since I don’t have a husband here to fix this issue for me, I will take $40 out of the money that he gives me and buy a new vacuum if it will keep me from going into pre-term labor trying to clean out that one… with the really big… sucker … in it…

I should have known it was too good to be true. There’s no such thing as a decent day when it stars with an “M”.

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  1. Jennifer James says:

    I HATE those waterbugs!!!!!! EWWWWWW!!!!!!

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