Mobile Monday #01

Yeah so my “Monkey Mondays” aren’t working out for me. Having to look up different Monkey-Related things that I like was fun, but sort of became likea burden to have to do, and I stopped doing it lol. So I am trying something new. Thought it would be fun to share my weekly mobile photos. There have been times I’ve gone thru my phone thinking “wtf is that a picture of?” Or “Why did I bother taking a pic of that?” Haven’t you? Come on, I think we all have =) Maybe soon you will be lucky enough to see one of those here, lol. Sorry I don’t have a fancy iPhone, with great resolution, and all that jazz.

Yes, I did take a photo of me n the girls’ Wendy’s Frosties =)
Cuz I’m awesome like that. And Pregnant. No other reason needed.

You know those mom’s that take the very last baby cart at the grocery store, and their kid is way to big to be using one? Yeah, I really hate that, and I totally did that. But I was not about to lug around a 2 year old, and push a basket full of groceries almost 9 months pregnant. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

Happy 36 weeks! Only 28 days to go!

Wanna participate with me? I’d love it if you’d grab the button and share it with your blog post! If anyone likes this idea and starts doing it I’ll start doing linkys next week to get some networking going! =)

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  1. I LOVE the random phone photos! Haha, and to be me this seems more fun than the monkey thing….sorry! Haha. Either way, glad you update your blog, and YAY for randomness! ♥

    • Lol, yeah – well several months ago Monkey Mondays sounded cool to me, but not sure what stupid idea I got that from. I’ll just throw monkeys into my “Handmade Heaven” posts now n then =) And, I am surprised you did not say something about my facial expression LOL.

  2. i love this idea, i need a blog! girls are cute as always, and you and your bump are too cute!

  3. Your daughter is beautiful. Your baby bump is so cute! If I could take pictures on my phone and upload them to my comp I would totally join in the fun :-/ but love the idea.

    • Do you not have a camera phone? If you do just email them to your email account and save them that way! I know you are overseas though so maybe it’s something I don’t know about or you don’t have a cell lol

  4. Adorable little ones as always!

  5. Look at you–what a pretty pregnant mama! Oh, and being nine months pregnant is a good excuse for ANYTHING. Take advantage of it while you still can. :-)

  6. That is all kinds of cute! Your girls are adorable (and I totally would’ve stolen that cart from someone else when they weren’t looking, if I needed it – and were you)! And look at you – you’re beautiful!

    As for the idea – I love it and can’t wait to go along with it next Monday!

  7. Can I steal your “mobile Monday” idea?!?! I like it !! =)And you don’t need an “Iphone” lol .. this phone you have OBVIOUSLY takes good pictures still !!! =)

  8. Jazzy’s lady bug hair thingy is awesome!!! Your young’uns are SO beautiful – including your cuter than cute pink gumdrop bump!!!

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