Officially Mama to a Kindergartener!


Time flies, doesn’t it? Especially when you have kids. My dad used to tell me that time speeds up when you get old. He lied – it speeds up when you have kids. Jazzy started Kindergarten yesterday. If she would have started last year, I would not have been ready. However, since her birthday is right after the cut off date (11 days, to be exact) she got an extra year at home, with me. And as nice as the time has been, I think […]

Create-A-Card: Summer Splash!


I can’t believe summer is almost over. Not sure exactly where mine went to! We’ve done alot of playing in the water, and down by the beach this past weekend, so I made this card to mail some water-fun photos off with, and wanted to share! I didn’t realize how much I miss sitting down for a good card making session until after I hadn’t done it for a couple months. Lol.! What you need: Some fun summer colored paper. I chose this umbrella paper […]

Wordless Wednesday


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For the Love of Monkey Bread


I am not a cook. Farrrr from it in all honesty. But, I like to try new stuff out in the baking category now and then for the kiddos. Monkey Bread seems to be all the rage nowadays. Have you noticed that too? I see it mentioned all over the place lol. Well, since coming to Texas we have not had Monkey Bread. So that would be over 2 months. Tisk Tisk! My husband was really the main eater of the monkey bread when I […]

Wordless Wednesday


My little one above, my oldest below <3