Wordless Wednesday

March 2010
Makayla – 9 months old =)
Sigh… I miss my “baby” being a baby =/

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  1. Look at those eyelashes!!

    She’s beautiful!

  2. awh, so cute.

  3. Thanks so much for following, following back! And for the comment :P she’s adorable! those eyes, just beautiful :) thanks for stopping by!

  4. What a sweet face! I miss my lil’ man’s baby cheeks too!

    • These pieces really set a standard in the intysdru.

    • My daughters soccer team is wanting to participate as team for this event? Is there a discount for mulipte entries, or should I just have them register individually? There are 15 girls on the team plus several family members. Thanks!!

    • Oh wow, time just flies, isn't it? I remember you made something with cherry on last year Bob's birthday too, which is special request from BOb himself! And this cherry pie looks as wonderful. Love the juicy picture! Wanna a bite too! Hope you'll have a fabulous day!Regards, Kristy

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