Wordless Wednesday – My addiction

I just might need an intervention.

These are all for my own kiddos,

And these are all photography props =)

And, I’m expecting several packages in the next couple of days.
Pretty lucky gal I am, I must admit! What’s your addiction?

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  1. I am addicted to purses, but I don’t have nearly that many! ;)

  2. Um….WOW@ your stash! I LOVE the 3 matching sets for the girls…AND I am UBER jealous of your stash! Hahaha…

  3. Awesome stash! I see the two you got from me :o)
    time to stop by and get some of my new flapper hats *wink*

  4. Love all the beanies! Thinkin’ you should move somewhere much cooler than Texas (like Idaho?!?) so the girls can get lots of wear out of the adorable hats! :)

  5. Amanda Miley says:

    I have a hat addiction too! I probably have over a 100! I know I need to stop but love buying them!

    • YAY! Another hat addict, ya know we hat addicts gotta stick together! Lol. There are so many amazing hats out there!

      • Thanks for the intgihs. It brings light into the dark!

      • hi as you stated above that if we don’t have the pan,we can make it like the normal pancakes.So does that mean baking the pancakes in the oven using a pan or do it at the stove top ? :/

      • Jeremy, I had thought the same thing but once I installed the calendar it helps motivate me. Fends off procrastination for me too. Spending time planning but actually surfing the Web digesting more information was not getting my post done and published. I am going to be lov’in this plugin the more I use it and realize the benefits. Thanks for checking this out. Plan on stopping by your blog soon to get caught up on what is going on in your corner of the world.

  6. Those hats are so adorable! My addiction is clothes for my daughter. My son has enough to get him by, but my daughter has enough clothing to change outfits once or twice a day!

  7. =O……WoW……Love all hats…!!!

  8. FABRIC! I can’t get enough :-)

  9. I am like that with cupcake liners = : P

  10. Those are all adorable – love the little ones for your *almost here* little girl!

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