Friday Confessional


I confess…. That today is not just any Friday. It’s actually my 24th birthday. EEP! I Confess… that these gorgeous flowers are the first I have ever had delivered to me. They are from my husband, who is currently in Kuwaiit =) I Confess… that I will probably be printing photos of them, because they are so pretty, and I want to enjoy them longer than a week =) And well, with as much as these babies cost, I almost need to be able to […]

2 weeks already?


I can’t believe it’s been 2 weeks since Baby Dazlynn was born. Today was her due date, she just decided to arrive early lol. It’s so crazy how time flies when you don’t want it to. Dazlynn had her 2 week appointment scheduled for 3:00, so before going to pick Jazzy up, I figured what better day to get her first “real bath”? No, she has not gone 2 weeks of her little life without a bath, she’s gotten sponge-baths. Her cord fell off at […]

My Happy List


First time linking up for “My Happy List”! I almost didn’t make it, but I really really wanted to post this lol. I’ve got alot going on in my life right now. Many things that many don’t have any idea about.But, I’ve noticed over the last year or so, that concentrating on the positive things going on in life makes a big difference =) Sooo here are some of the positive things as of late that make this girl happy: Plump, Full, sweet baby bellies […]

Mobile Monday #03


Yeah, so much for getting this posted early =/ Nothing has gone as I’ve planned it since little Miss Dazlynn’s arrival, but I will get more into that on another post. Here’s my mobile photos from this week! I’ve got alot more on my other phone (that’s disconnected but I use it like a wanna be iPod haha!) but I didn’t have time to email all of them, resize, and upload, so I will add those next week. We went to Old Navy to get […]

Welcome, Baby Dazlynn!


My poor blog, yet again neglected! There’s actually a damn good reason for it this time though =) This little girl, this one – right here: Yeahhh… that’s right. She arrived. And guess when? On the one day of this month I did not want her to come…. Jazereigh’s 6th Birthday. September 12th, 2011. 30 days in this month, and she picks Jazzy’s day. Lol. But, that is ok. She is here now, and I just adore her. (Well hello there, cutie!) Dazlynn Kay 9.12.2011 […]