2 weeks already?

I can’t believe it’s been 2 weeks since Baby Dazlynn was born. Today was her due date, she just decided to arrive early lol. It’s so crazy how time flies when you don’t want it to.

Dazlynn had her 2 week appointment scheduled for 3:00, so before going to pick Jazzy up, I figured what better day to get her first “real bath”? No, she has not gone 2 weeks of her little life without a bath, she’s gotten sponge-baths. Her cord fell off at 5 days, but for some reason I just hadn’t wanted to do a real bath just yet lol. Look how cozy she looks =) Poor thing. Little does she know her little nap is about to get interrupted…

Time to Undress!

She wasn’t upset at first…. I guess til she realized what was going on… in case you can’t tell by the photos – she was not much of a fan of bathtime. I stopped snapping photos and hurried it along to keep her from being upset for too long, lol.

Baby Toes!

All dressed and cute in what-used-to-be my favorite outfit of Makayla’s. I remember the day we bought it, I was giddy about it lol. So glad I kept Makayla’s baby clothes =) Oh, and I love how this little lady looks in these colors!

Some of her facial expressions crack me up, hehe.

And, go figure – Makayla actually wants to take photos if the baby is in them…. little stinker lol.

Got Makayla dressed and hair a bit neater – and she got to hold her little sister! She hadn’t really asked before, she just wants to kiss her and hug her, but she finally asked to hold her, and I obliged ;)

Silly little girl <3

Sooo we went to pick up Jazzy from school, and off to Dazlynn’s appointment. She had her 2nd PKU, which was not pleasant. She yelled, very loudly, at all of us. For those that don’t know – the PKU is where they prick baby’s heel and get blood from it for testing =( Doc said she’s doing great! Her birthweight was 6lbs, 12oz. At her 5 day appt she had gone down to 6lbs, 3oz (normal for baby’s to loose weight if you didn’t know, they just want to see them get back to their birthweight by 2 weeks) And what do ya know, she was 7lbs 1oz today – sooo yeah, needless to say this little lady has no issues with eating ;) hehe.

At the appointment, Doc asked if we had done tummy time yet, and I was like… “Uh, no…?” Only time she gets “tummy time” is if she is laying on my chest… but apparently you can start letting them have a little tummy time at this age… I don’t remember doing that til about a month with my others, but whatever! So we went home and busted out this baby, that my awesome friend Ashley got her.

And….the photographer in me just could not resist a quick pose ;)
At least I didn’t make her wait around while I changed settings lol.

This is what she did the majority of the time….lol.

But wait Mom! Look what I can do!

Again, photographer in me, I swear! Lol. Now if only I can get a sweet little smile like that in her actual photoshoot… hmmm

A Little lovin from her Biggest Big Sister =)
And, a random….tomato…under the crib?

For some reason, Makayla and Jazereigh wanted me to take a pic of their “pretty toes” …. so yeah, because I know you all want to see my children’s feet – here ya go! Lol.

Love these girls!

Fairly successful day I suppose! Happy Monday Everyone! Darn Mobile Monday didn’t happen today, my battery died on my phone and I did not feel like looking for the stupid charger. It’s still dead… maybe I should go find the charger, considering that is my alarm clock to get up to get Jazzy ready for school! Oh wait, I have a newborn now – she’s a pretty good alarm clock ;)

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  1. You know I could not resist leaving a comment or ten on this blog post, Marcy! :)
    You really outdid yourself here missy! I felt completely spoiled with ALL THESE PICTURES!! OMG!!
    You must have been feeling some love for your fans to share these precious girls with us!! You are definitely blessed! I smiled the whole time I read this & looked at the pictures, thank you!


  2. I am with Jenn! I feel so spoiled having all these baby pictures to soak up! Oh my I love me some baby toes! Your girls are so adorable…I love the one of Makayla holding Dazlynn! It does go way way too fast when they are newborns!

  3. Love the post, love the beautiful photos! :)

  4. Serious cuteness all over this post!

  5. Trying this again… the first time, just as I was about to click ‘submit’ everything I wrote disapeared. :(

    Anyway, another YAY for all the pics; and I LOVE your writings too!!! The toe pics are all so great – love them! And all your girls have such beautiful, amazing smiles – probably cause they have such an amazing Mommy!!! who knew, all those years ago when you were only 15 & we had all those late night talks after everyone else was in bed, that one day you’d be this awesome Mom of girls with the best smiles ever!!!

    Oh and Logan was 2 weeks early too… and you can see how healthy he turned out to be! ;)

    Love you!!!

  6. Oh yeah… that random tomato under the crib? TOOOOO FUNNNY!!!

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