Mobile Monday #03

Yeah, so much for getting this posted early =/ Nothing has gone as I’ve planned it since little Miss Dazlynn’s arrival, but I will get more into that on another post. Here’s my mobile photos from this week! I’ve got alot more on my other phone (that’s disconnected but I use it like a wanna be iPod haha!) but I didn’t have time to email all of them, resize, and upload, so I will add those next week.

We went to Old Navy to get the girls’ halloween costumes. I was really hoping Makayla would let me get her in the Bumble Bee, it was sooo cute. But… she cried when I tried to put it on her… sigh =/ So, she wanted to try the cupcake, and we did, and she liked it, but wanted to take it off, and then said she didn’t want it. Then, I saw one last strawberry… happened to be in her size, and as soon as she saw it she wanted to put it on… so we did… and she would not let me take it off her. So, she got put on the counter, scanned, not put in a bag (lol), and we went on our merry little way, with our pretty cute strawberry ;) And, Jazzy decided to get the bumble bee, so at least I will have one Bumble Bee lol.

Hehe =)

Just a few hours old!

Well, that’s one way to do it… Lol.

Only thing she’s gotten mad at me for in reference to the Baby?

Not letting her kiss her… all the time … (so I’ve given in to avoid getting yelled at)

Proud Big Sister! Again, lol.

And that’s it for this week! I’ll try *super hard* to get next Monday’s scheduled to post so those that were wanting to link up can do so! Thanks for peeking in to my Mobile Gallery! <3

PS… there’s an awesome giveaway going on HERE, you should check it out and enter!

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  1. WOW! Those pictures just melted my heart. You little ladies are so beautiful!!!

  2. Beautiful little girls. It’s hilarious with the cart thing. That is something the boys never did. Jakob at toyrus fell asleep on a soccer ball in the back of the cart though. It was awesome I had my camera on me at that moment. Enjoy your newest addition.

  3. Your girls are so super sweet!

    Love the shopping trip – that is definitely a way to do it!

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