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First time linking up for “My Happy List”!
I almost didn’t make it, but I really really wanted to post this lol.

I’ve got alot going on in my life right now. Many things that many don’t have any idea about.But, I’ve noticed over the last year or so, that concentrating on the positive things going on in life makes a big difference =) Sooo here are some of the positive things as of late that make this girl happy:

Plump, Full, sweet baby bellies – make me very happy.

The fact I was able to take Jazereigh to get her little nails done (and toes too!) for the first time, as a late birthday gift, makes me very happy.

(We won’t discuss her attitude aftewards, that is besides the point…)

This little girl’s silly episodes, belly giggles (the serious giggles that seem to come from way down in the tummy and take awhile to settle down) and blossoming personality – make me very, very happy.

Newborn squeaks, grunts, and yes, even the sweet, little bitty cries – make me happy.

This awesome purse I got from Target yesterday – makes me super duper happy.

I’ve had my eye on this purse for quite awhile, and I got it on sale for 50% off, which makes me even happier…. It is not super huge, but large enough to fit my wallet, makeup bag, phone, keys, and a couple other things if I needed on one side, and the other side fits a travel wipes case, several diapers, 2 bottles, change of clothes, burp cloth, and even a pullup and pair of pants for Makayla (in case there is an accident), and it doesn’t overstuff it! I can even fit my camera in there if I wanted to, wouldn’t bring an extra lens though. I hated the idea of carrying around a purse and a diaper bag, and all of the cute diaper bags I found that would work as a double were much bigger than I wanted.  So YAY for getting this perfect solution – ON SALE!

Now, it would really make me happy to get this one on sale, hehe.

Knowing how lucky I am to be the mama to these sweet girls…

Makes Me Extremely Happy =)

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  1. What a wonderful post – I’m glad you linked up!

    That purse looks fantastic – I’m currently on the lookout for one that I can make into a camera bag!

  2. Reading your list makes me very, very happy!

  3. Loved your list! It makes me happy too! :)

  4. awww those pictures are soooo sweet! :) cute purse too!

  5. Jennifer James says:

    You are so right!!!! Focus on the positive, it really makes all the difference! Your happy list makes me happy too! And makes me want to make a happy list! Thanks for making me smile on this Sunday morning!

    Your pictures are so cute! Love the purse/bag! Love even more the webcam pic of all 4 of you!

    Marcy- you have evolved to such a beautiful, creative, funny, smart, strong, independent woman and mother since I first met you when I was prego with Kyra- and she turned 5 in June! I remember Jazzy as just a lil tot! <— I know these comments have NOTHING to do with your blog post, but I just wanted to say them! :)

  6. I loved looking at the pictures and reading the funny things you had to say. I am so glad you can focus on the positive. You have beautiful little girls! I hope all is well with you.

  7. The HAPPY just jumps off the screen. Thanks so much for sharing your HAPPY with us!

  8. What cute baby pics. Your girls are just precious.

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