Camera Bag Comparisons


I just might be a camera bag stalker at the moment. It’s definitely on my wish-list. But the price point on these babies (if you want them to be stylish at ALL) is a bit much higher than I would like to spend. So, instead of purchasing one right away, I am just going to blog about the ones I really like, so I can refer to it later if I ever decide to splurge on something for myself…. might as well make it a […]

Friday Confessional


I confess… that I almost forgot it was even Friday… until I looked at my planner and realized I have a photoshoot tomorrow. o.O I confess… that after my Dr. appt yesterday, my nerves are on edge, and I am worried about going into labor during the photoshoot. Lol. (Let’s just say there’s been lotsa progress since the last time I got “checked” and my Doc thinks any day now will be the big day) I confess… that I really, really hope the big day […]

19 Days


I’m having somewhat of an episode today. Today there are only 19 days til my due date. Eek. Usually pregnant women complain about how long the pregnancy has drawn on and on, and how anxious they are for it to be over with. Not me, not this time anyways. I can not believe how quickly time has flown by. Feels like just last week we announced it to the world. Ahhh! I would be perfectly fine if she decided to wait til her due date […]

The Little Crochet Shop – Giveaway!


Ok so I’m not hosting this giveaway, Melanie is on her blog =) I just wanted to peek in and tell my readers to go check out her shop, and enter the giveaway on her blog for a chance to win a $50 gift certificate to her shop! I love love love her work, and I know you will too =)

Mobile Monday


Palm Trees =