Welcome, Baby Dazlynn!

My poor blog, yet again neglected!
There’s actually a damn good reason for it this time though =)
This little girl, this one – right here:

Yeahhh… that’s right. She arrived. And guess when?
On the one day of this month I did not want her to come….
Jazereigh’s 6th Birthday. September 12th, 2011.

30 days in this month, and she picks Jazzy’s day. Lol.
But, that is ok. She is here now, and I just adore her.

(Well hello there, cutie!)

Dazlynn Kay
6lbs, 12oz
18 Inches

I’ll get around to posting more details and pics soon. I hope.
I really, really wanted to update my “blogosphere” friends about
my whereabouts, so I did some quick editing on these photos,
which by the way are from yesterday, so she’s 4 days old in them.

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  1. Congrats Marcy! She is beautiful.

  2. She is precious!!!!! I love the itty bitty smiles. Congrats!!

  3. shes precious! congrats again!

  4. What a precious little sweetheart! Welcome to the world little Dazlynn! :)

  5. She’s beautiful! Hope mommy and baby are doing well!

  6. She is beautiful!!! She has so much hair! Congrats! I am glad she is healthy. We are still waiting for our little one, she seems to be hanging out and pretty content just being in my belly.

  7. awwww she’s beautiful! :) congratulations!


    Congratulations Marcy! She is beautiful!

    I hope you are doing well and that you have support around you.

    Take good care!

  9. Congratulations Marcy! She is soooo adorable! =D

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