All in a Day’s Work

I’ve been slowly trying to super deep clean each room. Yesterday I tackled the kitchen and the bathroom, which really sounds like not much, and I kinda thought it wasn’t going to be much, until it turned into a 3 hour job. Cleaning out junk drawers and cabinets, rearranging the pantry, etc… Sure does add up to a lot of work! Today, I tackled the girls’ room. Wait, I have 3 girls now, so maybe I should clarify – I tackled Jazereigh & Makayla’s room. I didn’t take before photos. Oh well. I wasn’t planning on blogging this. But, I don’t have anything else interesting to blog at the moment, and I am super proud of how pretty their room is (for the moment) so figured I would share ;)

So, Tada! Walking into the room here’s the first thing you see, Makayla’s “Purple bed” – as she calls it. When I let her pick her bedding, I really really wanted to get her the Owl bedding from Target, but she saw this purple set and, well my dreams of a cute owl theme for her flew out the window.

But, that is ok, because as you can see, the purple set is exactly like Jazzy’s set, only purple, so even though they have their own bedding, their room still matches. Coolness.

Jazzy’s Side

Makayla’s Side

Huge Closet, that’s come in very handy since there are 2 little girls in this room lol.

Other little corner of their room, where the hairclip holder hangs behind the door ;)

And their closet. As you could see, we don’t have a real dresser. So the little “kitty boxes”, as we call them, hold socks, pullups, and undies. Some of their pants get folded and put on the hanging shelves, and their other clothes that don’t need to be hung up get put in the “pink drawers”. That shoe holder looks pretty empty, but I swear my kids have shoes lol. They just happen to all be in the kitchen pantry, where they get stashed when taken off lol.

I also managed to clean out and reorganize the craft closet. Well, more like their craft closet. Mine is a whole ‘nother ballgame, for another day ;)

And, I finished up Halloween goody bags for Jazereigh’s Halloween party Monday. Sure, coulda waited til the weekend, but I am really good at leaving things til last minute, and then not getting it done, so instead I decided to knock it out while the girls were napping. Go Me!

And that’s about all I got accomplished on this fine Thursday. And now, I will end this post with some baby cuteness!

Quick edit, taken yesterday, modeling an adorable hat by Vine Street Goods!

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  1. Nice, nice, NICE!!! Now where are the pics of your lovely kitchen & bathroom? =)

    This blog is reminding me of when I was a young Mom… My kids rooms were always so organized and I took tons of pics when I was done re-doing or deep cleaning everytime. Hmmmmm maybe I should dig up and post some? Naw….. that would take too much time and work. I have zillions of pics since those years… aw well, I’m loving yours!!!

  2. hi there superwoman, I’m haley :) Really though, you are superwoman to do all that!! Your two older girls’ room is darling…and SO ARE THEY!! I had fun peaking back at your previous posts and soaking up your beautiful girls! I grew up in a family of 8, I was the 6th with two younger sisters…we were like the 3 musketeerettes ;) I LOVED having two sisters, and I’m sure your sweet girls will love it too :)

    and yay for ending the post with new baby goodness!! Oh i want to snuggle her…and it gets me even more excited for my babe coming in March :)


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