Friday Confessional #07


I confess…. that this photo makes me both happy and sad. Happy, because I am so glad to have photos of me with little Dazlynn. Sad, because I don’t have photos like this with my other little ladies this little. Oh how I wish I woulda been brave enough to be in photos more often. How I wish I woulda pushed aside the insecurities and allowed the memories to be captured. Sigh =(

But, better late than never, right? I am going to make it my mission this coming week to get lots of photos of myself with Jazzy & Makayla. They have lots of photos with Daddy, time to rack up some “Mommy & Me” photos, too =)
I confess… that bibs never lie. That’s right, mommy loves you, little one =)

I confess… that I love having little girls. Lots of pink, and lots of silly giggles that I am certain boys don’t do. At least, I’ve never seen any little boys giggle the way Jazzy and Makayla do… I am pretty sure I would freak out if I ever heard “it’s a boy!” in reference to myself. I would not know what to do with a little man.

I confess… that I am looking forward to not having to be up at a certain time tomorrow. Heck yes! Although little Dazlynn slept amazing last night, I actually had to wake her up this morning to get her ready to go take Jazzy to school. Wonder if that was one of those “teasers” babies often do to make you think they are exiting a certain phase, only to leave you utterly disappointed when the phase continues…? Guess we shall see tonight, huh?

I confess… that I have exactly 8 minutes to get this posted or else it will no longer be a Friday Confessional, it will be a Saturday Confessional.

I confess… that little newborn hands make me happy =)

As do 2 year old chubby little hands….

And yes, even 6 year old hands put a smile on my face =)

I confess… that I never “celebrated” Halloween as a child. My dad thought it was the Devil’s day… lol. I suppose it kinda is. First time I ever went trick-or-treating was when I was 13, and I snuck out (oh yes, I did! haha) with my “boyfriend” and we raided the rich neighborhoods with pillowcases as our treat bags… Makes me laugh to think about it now. That was way back when – when folks gave you handfuls of candy instead of one little piece ;)

I confess… that I hope you all have a safe Halloween weekend!

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  1. NO WAY! I celebrated my first Halloween when I was around 13/14 also! And I seriously just looked at the clock (well about an hour ago) and realized I missed the confessional post! Ah, such is life!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Those are some beautiful photos!

  2. Oh Wow! Those picutres just melted my heart!!!!! Beautiful doesn’t fully describe it. Loved it!

  3. I love the hand pics – you’re always full of creative ideas!

    I confess… I agree with your Dad about halloween. I REGRET that I celebrated it as a child and with my children when they were young. I always thought it was harmless fun and it was my favorite ‘holiday’. I had way more decorations and stuff for that day than for all other holidays put together. Not until Logan was 8 did I research for myself to see what halloween was really about and meant…

    I also confess I don’t want anyone to take my word for it but I do hope ppl will research for themselves so that whatever decision they make about halloween that they won’t end up with a lifetime of regrets…

    and yeah, candy is way more expensive today than back then, lol. and ppl’s money is stretched way farther with all the new technology etc… life was much simpler back in the day!

    I’m SO PROUD OF YOU for getting IN the pics with your girls!!! Way to go Marcy!!!

    I confess… I love you sweet girl!!!

  4. I love all your photos. Your children are beautiful!

  5. Great confessions! Glad you made it on time but you could’ve made it into a Sat confessional!

  6. Beautiful pictures! I really love that you are so talented. I never get tired of looking at all your pictures of the girls.

  7. holy cuteness…my uterus aches EVERY time i visit your blog, you have beautiful babies!!

    sorry i am so late getting here, i am still recovering from shingles and i am at my folk’s their internet is soooo slooooow!!! thank you so much for linking up your confessions!!

  8. Jennifer James says:

    I LOVE THIS POST! I really like the confessional posts. You are so creative! I love the pictures, they are so cute, and I am like Marilee- glad YOU are getting in them too! :)

    About Halloween…I always celebrated it when I was growing up…and until the kids “missed” it last year (got in last minute trouble)- I let them too. Until this year. We didn’t participate. Instead, they went to a Fall Family Festival at one of the neighborhood churches (no costumes or anything)…they had a BLAST and I confess —> my heart felt so much better!!

    As always, thanks for sharing Marcy! :)

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