Friday Confessional #06


I confess… that this is probably funnier to me than it should be… hehe. Don’t worry, this is the first time, and probably last time, this has/will ever happen, and of course it was fully supervised, lol. I confess… that of all the silly photo props I own, this one is my favorite (of the silly ones I said) I also confess… that this photo is probably going to be blown up fairly large and proudly displayed somewhere in my home…. not sure where yet, […]

Sisterly Love


All girls woke up in a great mood this morning… that is something I feel I must make note of. Doesn’t happen too often around here. Of course Jazzy & Makayla wanted to love on the baby a little bit, so I let them, and here are some photos for you all to see =) PS… yes, I realize their hair is a mess, and no, I don’t care. They just woke up, sheesh! How good does youuurrrr hair look fresh off the sheets? Ha! […]

Makayla’s First Trip To The Dentist


Sooo I’d been putting of Makayla’s first dental visit for awhile. Jazereigh didn’t go until she was 5 years old …. tisk tisk Mommy, I know. However, at that checkup everything was perfect, no cavities, no crazy plaque build up, etc… the dentist was impressed with how well her teeth were taken care of. Anyways, I put off Makayla’s first visit because her personality is very different than Jazzy’s, and I wasn’t sure how she was going to take it. And I would much rather […]