Photo Overload

I miss my blog. I need to find a way to better manage my time so I can incorporate it back into my life. Thanks so much to those who have emailed checking on me. It always warms my heart to see that my friends I’ve made in the blogosphere actually care when I am absent for a bit.

Some photos from the zoo, which we visited October 1st, and I really meant to post a separate blog about the whole trip with more photos, but, obviously that isn’t happening, lol.

What better way to start the day than a feeding by big sister?

First photo of our first actual family outting since Dazlynn’s arrival! They don’t look too thrilled, do they? Sigh…

Really gross alligator snapping turtle, or something. Gross….

Ever say the word “Pupa” out loud? Go ahead, say it… ugly isn’t it?

“No Pictures, Mom, No Pictures”

What a perrrtyy butterfly! Lol.

What a Perrtyy, and short, butterfly! Haha.

Hippo Butts are apparently quite entertaining…

Really EFFING big snake… gross…

Someone’s excited about her new friend… that hasn’t been played with since that weekend… sigh.

Look who woke up! Right as we were walking out the gate…. haha!

This was last Monday, little Dazlynn was 5 weeks old! And starting to smile at us, not just in her sleep lol. This photo melts my heart, I could look at it all day =)

And, here are a few photos from today. I can’t believe Dazlynn will be 6 weeks old tomorrow. How did that happen? Sheesh, life, please please slow down!

I need to start takin more pics of me with the girls. I am always the one behind the camera, so I have barely any of me with them. Yet another thing to remember to do… lol =)

Suppose that is it for now! It took me 2 hours to get this posted, can you believe that? Between resizing photos, adding my URL, posting them in order, and the most time consuming factor: taking SEVERAL breaks in between for baby, it took 2 friggin hours to finish! AHHH, the craziness…

BTW, you should hop on over to my photog blog and enter THIS awesome giveaway, because it would make me happy, and who doesn’t wanna see Marcy Kay happy, huh? =)

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  1. Ahhhh I can’t get enough of your pictures!!!! I am loving watching little Miss Dazlynn grow up….although I am with you….I would love to freeze little newborns and keep that way FOREVER! Such fun pictures of the zoo!

  2. YES! Definitely remember to get yourself in more pics with your girls. I didn’t – and I regret it. I have only a handful of pics with me actually in them with my kids cause I was always taking the pics and I didn’t like myself in pics so I stayed out of them on purpose a lot of the time… but looking back I SO wish I could change that.

    And yeah, motherhood takes up a LOT of time – time that doesn’t ever end even when they’re adults! but you are doing an AWESOME job of being a Mommy AND an Individual!

    Love you Miss Marcy!!!

  3. Love each of these photos – they tell the stories of your life!

    Love all the sweet moments between each of them!

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