Playing in the Rain

If you know me, you know I don’t watch tv, much less the news. So imagine my surprise when I am woken up at 3 am by a frightened 6 year old mumbling something about a storm and lightning… hmmm. So then I lay there, listening, and sure enough there is some serious rain hitting my window, and lightning so bright it looks like it’s daylight for a split second outside, and thunder that I am bewildered that I did not hear before. It’s strange to me that I can manage to hear Dazlynn when she is stirring in her sleep – before she even wakes up and fusses – but this clapping thunder did not phase me whatsoever.

Anyways, it’s been super rainy today, and we love it! We don’t get enough of it around here. That is probably the only thing I miss about North Carolina, is the rain (and snow, but that comes later of course). I started the day of being a stickler for “Don’t step in that puddle” and “Makayla! Get under the umbrella!” But then, I decided – you know what? A little rain never hurt anybody, and it wasn’t cold out (I put them in fleece because well, it was raining, and that stuff dries quickly if they were to get wet while we were out) Soooo anyways, we stayed out for a bit and they played in the rain. More like Jazereigh happily held the umbrella while Makayla splashed thru puddles =)

How cute is this picture?? Love love love it! Too bad I don’t own a colorful umbrella lol.

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  1. Jennifer James says:

    Yay for fun in the rain! And YAY FOR THE RAIN! We sure need it!!! The pictures are adorable as always! The girls are so cute and colorful in their fleece outfits! Love it!
    Have fun today! :)

  2. These pics are GREAT and the memories of this day might just last a lifetime! Some of my very favorite memories of my childhood were when we got to play in the rain and puddles!!! I wish ALL parents would allow their children to experience this joy! When my kids were little I played in the rain with them & some of our neighbors were like, ‘I don’t want my kid getting wet & muddy…’ but when they saw the pure joy in our faces some of them had a change of heart and let their kids come out and join us – and those kids looked like it was the most fun they’d ever had! Life is too short to NOT play in the rain every now and then! Way to go Marcy!!!

  3. Oh my goodness those pictures are precious! The last one is my favorite!!! I wish I shared the same love for rain as you do. :-) I was so ready to get away from it.

  4. They are far too adorable for words – rainy wet pants or not!

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