2 Month Milestones


My dearest Dazlynn, Yesterday marked the day you have blessed us with your presence for 2 whole months. I’ve been blessed to be your mommy. Jazereigh & Makayla have been blessed to be your sisters, and your daddy, although he hasn’t met you yet, has been blessed to be your daddy. At your 2 month checkup, you got lots of lovin’. The nurses could not get enough of your cuteness, which says alot – being that it was a military doctor’s office. You had your […]

Wordless Wednesday


Scrapbooking: School Days


last night, while Dazlynn was in her half asleep, half awake stage (you know, the one where they make you think they are asleep til you decide to lay down and get some sleep, then all of the sudden they are awake) I decided to bust out my paper scrapbooking goodies. Yes, it’s true, I’ve become a digiscrap lover. But, I still love paper scrapping. I love the texture, the dimension, that can be added. Digital just prints out one pretty sheet, but there’s no […]

A Duckful Day


Ya know what was great about today? The weather. Overcast all day, and little bit of rain here and there. Of course this happened on the one day I planned to take the girls to the park, but I didn’t mind. It didn’t rain enough to keep us from going, and it wasn’t raining while we were there. And of all the times we have gone to the park this year, this was my favorite. There was nobody there, aside from a couple sitting on […]

{Semi} Wordless Wednesday


(This post is super duper image heavy, fair warning!) Remember this post, when I mentioned I would make it my mission to get lots of photos of me with the Jazzy & Makayla? Well, I think I’ve done fairly well on that mission so far. Tada! Saturday (Camera didn’t even get turned on on Sunday, Oops!) Monday Skipped Tuesday. Oops Again Wednesday Not to sure what the thumbs up was about… Cracking up… lol. Ranch on her face. Silly Girl And, just because, here are […]