A Duckful Day

Ya know what was great about today? The weather. Overcast all day, and little bit of rain here and there. Of course this happened on the one day I planned to take the girls to the park, but I didn’t mind. It didn’t rain enough to keep us from going, and it wasn’t raining while we were there. And of all the times we have gone to the park this year, this was my favorite. There was nobody there, aside from a couple sitting on a bench.

I admit. I am a little obsessed with taking photos lately. I guess it’s because I feel like my life is just zipping right by me, and I want to remember every.little.moment – in all it’s glory. Nothing wrong with that, right?

My girls may get annoyed with me for it now, but I am sure later down the road they will be grateful for having a mom-tographer, yea?

Our main mission today was to feed the ducks. I gotta admit, we hadn’t done that yet. Not this year anyways. Going to the park is usually a random thing for us, if time allows, if baby isn’t cranky, if this, if that. Not planned. But today, I planned, and I brought bread for the duckies. And the girls were oh so excited…. until the ducks walked up to them. Ha! There was a duck with a seriously bad feather-do, and Makayla kept asking me what was on it’s head.

I kept telling Makayla she needed to keep tearing the bread and throwing it, but she was kinda slow at the beginning, and sure enough, a duck came up and stole the whole piece of bread from her little hands, scared the crap out of her. So, they decided it would be safer to feed the ducks from above….

Before leaving we found this funky bridge, and I was delighted when the girls actually asked to get out and take pictures on it. Well, Jazzy asked, Makayla came along for the ride ;)

Pretty cool bridge, eh?

On our way home, we saw that there are already Christmas decorations going up here and there. I love Christmas, so that doesn’t bother me one bit ;)

And, when we got home, we did a little arts n crafts activity, based on our trip to the park! Tada!

Another great thing about today? Jazzy got her school pictures back! I’ve only been waiting for those things for – oh – a month or so. I am so excited about them, I almost feel silly, *almost*. I had a feeling they would come back with her hair a mess (it’s hard to keep nice when it’s down, especially if I am not there lol) And a funky CHEESE-y smile. But her smile is believable, and the hair is not too shabby at all. Yayness!

Yay for GREAT Mondays!

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  1. Cutest kids ever.

  2. Monica Clay says:

    I absolutely love seeing pics of your girls!!!! They are beautiful! My daughter didn’t like to feed the ducks much when she was little because she was so scared of them and quite frankly they were kinda mean. :( Sounds like all of you had a great day today!

  3. Jennifer James says:

    Aw! I didn’t look at this one when you posted it last week…double blog for me today! :)
    I “Lol”-ed when I saw the duck that Makayla was asking about, very funny! I would have wondered what was going on too!
    Oh, that bridge is awesome too! I need to know where that is, I would love to take my kiddos over there! :)

    The girls hair looks really cute. My fav picture is the one with the girls sitting on the bridge, facing each other, super cute!

    Oh, and to give you confirmation- YES- the girls will definitely be glad they had a momma-tographer! :)

  4. Another awesome blog that I missed earlier! I LOVE IT!! What a great adventure and memories… you are starting a wonderful tradition for your girls to follow; photography & blogging. Yay for your passion to record these precious moments in your lives! I laughed OUT LOUD about the duck grabbing the whole slice of bread from Makayla – Logan had a very similar experience with ducks when he was little so I had to giggle at the fun memory this brought to mind as well as enjoying picturing the moment with you & your girls.

    I know I say this a lot, but I really mean it – I love you and Thank you for sharing!!!

  5. When you think about it, that’s got to be the right anersw.

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