Scrapbooking: School Days

last night, while Dazlynn was in her half asleep, half awake stage (you know, the one where they make you think they are asleep til you decide to lay down and get some sleep, then all of the sudden they are awake) I decided to bust out my paper scrapbooking goodies. Yes, it’s true, I’ve become a digiscrap lover. But, I still love paper scrapping. I love the texture, the dimension, that can be added. Digital just prints out one pretty sheet, but there’s no texture, nothing tangibly pleasing, ya know?

I’ve been working on Jazereigh’s School scrapbook – which I will share more of it later on when there is more in it – but I wanted to make a “cover page” so to speak, and I wanted it to be a handmade one, not digital. So I broke out this baby, that I bought before school started, with every intention of using it, but it sat on the shelf, unused, until last night.

And with that fun pack of paper, and my nifty Cricut, I created this:

Not too shabby, eh?In case you plan on duplicating this for your own kiddos, I’ll share the dimensions I used. The bottom sheet was used at the full 12×12. I actually cute out the center of it, about 10 inches, so I could use the center for other things. No sense in wasting cardstock, right? The glitter star paper I cut about 11×11, and slightly distressed the edges just a bit (Also cut out the center of this sheet too). Center black sheet is about 10×10.

The letters were cut at 3 1/4″ from the Don Juan Cartridge. I Distressed those edges as well to make them stand out a bit more and shadowed them with white Cardstock.

The journaling is simply a sheet of cardstock from another pack, cut to 5″x3″, and I printed out the text, trimmed it, and distressed it. I just made it “Volume 1″ because I am positive there will be other albums for school stuff. But I didn’t want to make it specific to the year because I hope to fit at least a couple grades’ worth of memories in this book.

Aren’t these embellishments cute?! Remember how I said I cut out the center of the first base page? Well that is where I got these from! I cut them out of that cardstock! Worked out nicely, only had to use one of those sheets instead of 2! Woot Woot.

And this cute little apple, was cute using the Create A Critter Cartridge, at 4″.

Hope you enjoyed seeing my scrap skills ;) hehe. I might post these every now n then, when I have time to actually scrap! Btw, heads up there will be some changes made to my blog in the next week. There’s so much I wanna do with this site, I just haven’t found the time to actually organize it the way I need to. So yeah, fair warning! Haha.

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  1. Yay! You are so creative and very smart to utilize your materials so well!!! KUDOS!!!


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