{Semi} Wordless Wednesday

(This post is super duper image heavy, fair warning!)

Remember this post, when I mentioned I would make it my mission to get lots of photos of me with the Jazzy & Makayla? Well, I think I’ve done fairly well on that mission so far. Tada!


(Camera didn’t even get turned on on Sunday, Oops!)

Skipped Tuesday. Oops Again


Not to sure what the thumbs up was about…

Cracking up… lol.

Ranch on her face. Silly Girl ;)

And, just because, here are some past photos of me with the girls =)

May 2011

June 2010

May 2010

April 2010

February 2010

January 2010

August 2009

(Ya’ll should feel special, I went and logged into my forgottenmyspace to share these with you!)
February 2009

January 2009

June 2008

March 2008

And these are from June 2010 =)

I guess when you combine all the photos together it seems like alot, but if you look and see that those cover 3 years, it’s really not alot =( At least there are a few though, and at least from now on there will be more!

PS…. you should check out my digiscrap blog, and follow it ;)

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  1. You & your girls are just beautiful! Thanks for sharing your pics!

  2. Ahhh love all the pictures. I love seeing your Jazzy as a little tyke! I need to be better at pictures with my kiddos usually I think I am so not picture ready but then I look back and wish I had more with them!

  3. These are all sweet photos!

    They are so tiny in some of them!

    • That’s a modeabrl-ker. Great thinking!

    • Carlos dijo: 6 abril 2012 Estimado amigo, su tutorial esta excelente y con un nivel andragógico y pedagogico de buena altura, pero pensando en lo educativo sugiero cambiar la palabra “accesar” por “acceder”, debido a que “accesar” no existe en el idioma español.Saludos

  4. So wonderful to see so many pics with you in them!!! I love you!

  5. Such beautiful pictures!! You ladies are sooo purdy!!!!!

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