Marcy Kay’s Reeses Rocky Road Fudge


Doesn’t that look delicious? Mmmmm…. it is! I was going to make some basic fudge last night but instead I decided to change up the ingredients and use some fun stuff I have, that sounded like it would be yummy together. And Ta-Da! My very first recipe, lol. I doubt there will be more, I am not much of a cook, but this recipe is fool-proof. Follow the instructions and there’s no way you can mess up. Don’t even need a pan, just microwave it! […]

My Happy List – Holiday Edition


Been awhile since I’ve done a Happy List. Which kinda makes me sad because I love Happy Lists. They remind me how much I have to thankful for. How much good there is in my life. Even when it feels like the bad is overwhelming. So, let me go ahead and jump on the happy list train, holiday style Christmas tree bokeh makes me happy. For real. I have been wanting to try this since February and ta-da! I now have a tree and was […]

DIY: Recycled Crayons


You know those awful-cute recycled crayons they sell for ridiculous prices on Etsy? Five Words. Don’t. Buy. Them! Make. Them! All you need is an oven, which most of the US population has in their home, some old broken crayons (or ones you just bought for 25 cents a box) and a muffin tin! Not only can it reuse your old crayons instead of tossing them out, it’s also a fun activity for the little ones! And it’s not too painful for us adult-folks either […]

December Daily Sneak + Free Countdown Printable!


Things have a been a little hectic on the homefront the last week. We went to Idaho for Thanksgiving, which was absolutely wonderful, but that meant zero presence of a schedule, and the 3 days drive back to Texas left me needing several days to catch up on rest, which is super hard to do with 3 little ones to tend to, if ya know what I mean. Today is the first day in a week I have time to sit down and relax. Finally! […]