DIY: Recycled Crayons

You know those awful-cute recycled crayons they sell for ridiculous prices on Etsy?

Five Words.
Don’t. Buy. Them!
Make. Them!

All you need is an oven, which most of the US population has in their home, some old broken crayons (or ones you just bought for 25 cents a box) and a muffin tin! Not only can it reuse your old crayons instead of tossing them out, it’s also a fun activity for the little ones! And it’s not too painful for us adult-folks either ;)

First get your crayons. We used one box that had been used, and a new box of crayons that hadn’t been opened yet. It doesn’t matter to me, because they are going to get broken anyways lol! Plus, I always stock up in August when they are crazy cheap so there’s always lotsa extras on hand around here.

1. Preheat your oven to 250 degrees.

2. Have the kids unwrap the crayons. My girls call them “naked crayons”… lol. These crayons had the wrappers on pretty good, so I had to cut the side with a knife so they could peel the paper off, or we woulda been here for hours. (who knows, you might want them occupied for a lil bit! lol!)

3. Then, break them! That’s the fun part.

You could make this a learning activity by having your child sort them by color! Or counting them, or whatever! Lotsa possibilities.

4. Put them in a muffin tin (best if you use foil instead of putting them straight into the pan) or my choice was silicone baking cups. fill to desired height. I didn’t want super thick ones but I didn’t want them to break real easy either so I guessed at about 1/3 full.

(this was the reaction I got when I said I was going to “cook the crayons”.)

5. Stick ‘em in the oven for 10-15 minutes. Most tutorials say 20 minutes but I looked at 13 minutes and mine were well melted. Just keep checking in on them, it varies per your oven, how high they are on the rack, etc…

6. Once melted, pull ‘em out. You can leave them as they are, or if you want a “swirl” effect take a straw, or a stick, or the end of a spoon, whatever, and simply do one or two swirls to achieve the look you want!

7. Let them cool off, pop them out, and enjoy!

Apparently Makayla felt a need to see what they smelled like…. lol.

Did you literally bust out laughing when you saw that photo? Maybe it’s just me, but I LOL everytime I look at it ;)

I’d say Operation: Create-A-Crayon was a success! Yeah?

These also make super cute add-ons to gifts, or party favors! Would be fun to do for an indoor child’s party, too!

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  1. How do I share this blog?!!! This is awesome and I have friends who would love this!

    I really want to see the pic of the reaction to cooking the crayons but it doesn’t show up on my computer…

    and YES! that pic of Makayla smelling the crayon did make me LOL!!! So funny! did you say she smells everything pretty much? that’s so interesting!

  2. Sooo awesome! You are such a cool mom!

  3. Awesome! We are gonna have to try this! And yes, I LOL’ed at Makayla smelling them, probably more so because I would have done the same thing! :)

  4. Oh my goodness! Such a good idea! I am going to need to try this with my kids, it gets so boring being inside when it is 20ish degrees outside. Brrrr! This looks so fun! Thanks for sharing your idea!

  5. LOVE IT! Will definitely be doing this :-) I liked that the girls called them naked crayons hehehe.

  6. Okay Marcy so I know I have been like THE WORST blog friend EVER lol .. I just had to catch up all the way from October =( I absolutely LOVE all the pictures of the girls and all the projects you’ve have been/are working on!!! I don’t know where you ever find the time to do these things with 3 babies. I feel like I have time for nothing and I only have 1 baby =/ Maybe I’m not doin something right ?!?! I love the crayon idea .. I’m definitely gonna do this when Dre’ starts breaking his crayons lol .. I really really really love all your pics!!!! =) I will try and be a better *blog* friend starting today!!!!!!

    p.s we need a catch up session because I read some things I didn’t know about lol !!!! =) I’m glad you got to go to Idaho too !!!!!

  7. Hi Marcy. It’s Terri, Brittany’s mom.
    Just wanted to say that I love this idea! I am going to use it for Brayden’s Kindergarted Valentines Day party. I think it is just too cute. I’ve gotta say that I am very proud of you. You have turned into a remarkable person, wife and mother. So proud of all that you have accomplished since you and Brit were kids. All 4 of the girls are beautiful and you are an awesome mom that they can be, and are I am sure, very proud of. Much love to you and the kids hun.
    P.S. I love your blogs and the site in general. You have done a great job with it. I am an avid follower of it. Completely addicted to it LOL.

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