My Happy List – Holiday Edition

Been awhile since I’ve done a Happy List.
Which kinda makes me sad because I love Happy Lists.
They remind me how much I have to thankful for.
How much good there is in my life. Even when it feels like the bad is overwhelming.

So, let me go ahead and jump on the happy list train, holiday style ;)

Christmas tree bokeh makes me happy. For real. I have been wanting to try this since February and ta-da! I now have a tree and was able to do it ;) I can’t really explain why it makes me so happy. As a photographer, Bokeh in general makes me happy. But combine bokeh with my favorite object of my favorite season of the year, and well, I guess that might explain it! Ha! Come on, you know it makes you at least a little bit happy. Maybe confused… but happy? Lol.

Flippina makes me happy. Isn’t she cute? Go ahead, say the name out loud. You know you want to. Flippina. Did you say it? Was it hard to say it without wanting to say “Filipina”? Or was that just me? Lol. I have never owned a Christmas Cookie Jar in my life. I mean come on, $20 for an empty damn cookie jar? Nah, I’d rather get a couple gifts with that. But, this year, I found this cutie at Sam’s for $12.98, and guess what? She Wasn’t Empty! Flippina came with 3 bags of the cutest little sugar cookies ever. They are about the size of a quarter – perfect size for random treats for the girls during the day. Or, as we use them – for prizes for whoever wins Christmas Bingo!

Speaking of Christmas Bingo. That makes me happy, too. This is the first year we played it. Found a little set for $1 at Wallyworld (aka to common folk as Wal-Mart) and surprisingly Makayla is quite good at it! I wasn’t sure she would get the concept, but she does! (Told ya the cookies were cute!)

Hot cocoa makes me happy. Although this year, I took a plunge and tried something new. Peppermint Marshmallows. My blog-friend Patty mentioned how awesome peppermint hot cocoa is, and since I don’t have peppermint flavoring to add, I added peppermint marshmallows and a candycane. Dont-Juge-Me. Lol. And, doing it this way, it was quite tasty, and had an awesome aroma. I also love mini-marshmallows. Or, as Makayla calls them “wittle messy-yellows”. Do you love them like I love them? Cuz like I said, I love them. Jazzy does too. Makayla doesn’t, but we do =)

The fact that I have one more gorgeous little girl to add to our Christmas photos this year makes me happy. This is the first year I am doing photo Christmas Cards, wish me luck getting that photo… Lol.

And, I have to share this video. It’s not holiday themed, maybe I shoulda put her in her her christmas jammies. But, it’s adorable, so feel free to admit you love it =) “Chicken Leg” that I mention is not saying she has chicken legs… if you have seen those cheeks – well her legs are far from chicken legs lol. My brother does this thing he calls “Chicken wing” on my older girls when he tickles them, and this is just me doing to to her, but on her leg, so I call it chicken leg! And she obviously thinks it’s pretty funny. Haha. Sorry if it starts playing right away, I haven’t figured out all the darn video codes yet =/

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  1. That hot chocolate looks delicious and I can almost smell the yummy peppermint! My daughter, Amy, would love, love, love your cookie jar! She loves penguins! If postage didn’t cost a fortune I’d go look for one to send her… I really like that you’re doing the bingo with the girls. That could continue on for many years as a tradition called, ‘Family Game Night’!!! I have tons and tons of great memories from all the years of game nights we had when I was growing up!

    I confess, I don’t understand the photography stuff but I’m smiling that it makes you happy! I think you take awesome pics -Photo Art- I just don’t get the Bokeh thing, lol. I confess also that I never heard of that until you first posted it and then directed those of us who didn’t know what it was to google it – so I did! Way over my head though, lol!

    And the video… pure blessing!!!

    Love you Sweety!!!

  2. Love the happy list! Thinking maybe I should start my own. Not on a blog but in my journal. Love seeing the fun you’re having with the girls this holiday season. They’re the perfect ages where everything mommy does seems magical. I LOVE the new photo of Dazlynn. She’s reminding me more and more of Olivia. Pretty, pretty baby! :)

  3. This post is the cutest!! Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I have not yet seen peppermint marshmallows!! I am so going to try that. Thanks for the idea. Love the pictures and the sweet video. Can’t wait to see your ornaments!! [thanks for the shout out :-)

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