Family Day at the Fairgrounds

So today was Family Day at the rodeo fairgrounds here in San Antonio. I had gotten a free family pass at chikfila a couple weeks ago but really wasn’t sure I would go. Have you tried taking 3 young kids to a super busy festivity by yourself? Well if you have you know why I wasn’t sure about it. But this morning I woke up and was like ya know what? I’m gonna put my big girl panties on and brave it, cuz the girls would love it, and it’s free aside from $5 parking, so why not.

Well… I’m glad it was free because first thing we HAD to do was buy Jazzy & Makayla cowgirl hats. I mean, we were at the Rodeo fairgrounds after all. We couldn’t keep going without them. We just couldn’t. Ya know?

Then we stumbled across a barn with a cute “Animal Adventures” set up for the kids.

And the girls got to be goats. Cutest little “kids” ya ever did see! (Get it?)

There were ugly sheep….

And cute sheep…

Baby Chicks…

And even babier chicks…

Fun Facts throughout…

A Lonely Cow chillin’ by the fan…

MOOOO! Bahahahaha…

Pigs… I can’t believe some folks think these things are cute in real life….

Cute Pigs!

Then we moved along to a cute Farmer’s Market set up by HEB, where the kids get baskets and get to “pick” vegetables, fruit, eggs, milk the cow, etc… and learn fun facts and “earn” a bandana at the end.

Quite possibly my favorite part of the day… FUNNEL CAKE!!


Then the girls’ roped the Chikfila cows…

Correction: Jazzy roped them and Makayla threw the rope on the ground. Haha.

And Jazzy got to participate in building a craft with Home Depot. They actually have these every month at the stores, first Saturday of every month! So if you have a little one ages 5-12 you should check it out, it’s free! I know I will be, she had alot of fun and was super duper proud of herself.

She was mad at the sun in her face for this pic, but she really loves her birdhouse lol. We got home and she’s been carrying it around with her since.

All in all a pretty successful trip I do believe! Not to mention all the freebies and coupons they were giving out, lol. So glad I sucked it up and went!

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  1. You really are SUPER mom lady! I am so glad you braved it and went…looks like the girls had an AMAZING time!

  2. Looks like you all had fun. Thanks for sharing all the cute photos. :)

  3. Really, really awesome Marcy!!! I’m very impressed and super glad you’re so blessed!!! The pics are soooooo great too! Love ya so much!!!

  4. You are so awesome for taking the kiddos by yourself! The pictures look awesome and the girls look like they had a lot of fun!!!! :-)

  5. WOW!! what a fun day. the girls looks totes adorable in their pink hats! that pig is gross, his ear is crazy cakes.

    and now i want funnel cake!!

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