Let’s Recap

Oh my, oh my. It’s already February isn’t it?
Goodness me, I have gone a month and a half without blogging.

I am going to attempt to quickly (or not so quickly) bring you up to speed. Would you like a recap of my life the last few weeks? Duh, of course you would, or you wouldn’t be reading this, would you? ;)

Let’s recap:
In December:

There was picking up Daddy at the airport, combined with Daddy meeting Dazlynn for the first time (he’s been deployed since May, remember?)

There was fun as a family, like feeding the ducks and visiting the Japanese Tea Gardens.
I may be a bit partial, but I happen to think Dazlynn is the cutest cupcake you will ever see ;)

There was holiday baking and sugar cookie making at Uncle Matt & Aunt Heather’s house.
The dogs helped…. lick sugar off the floor ;)

There was lots and lots of present opening.

Did I mention there was lots of present opening?

There was gingerbread house making.

There were lotsa fun sister photos taken.

There was a trip to ikea in there somewhere.

There was game time with Daddy.

There were lotsa special moments captured.

There were Christmas Cards sent out.

There were feet put in faces on our mini roadtrip to Houston….

And so, so, so much more. But that’s all for now.

Then there was January.
Oh January… how unpleasant you were for me.

There was 2 ER visits with little miss Dazlynn.

2 Hospitalizations for little miss Dazlynn, totalling 11 days between the 2.

There was visiting baby sister in the Peds ward.

There were crappy cell phone photos taken.
And many sleepless nights during Baby D’s 9 day stretch in the Peds Ward.

There was 24 hours in the PICU – which was awfully hard on this Mommy’s heart, can ya tell why?

5 Doctor appointments (just for little baby D, add another 2 if you include physicals for J & M)

Many, Many breathing treatments for little miss Dazlynn at home. (who was diagnosed with RSV after the 5th day in the hospital)

There was happiness in my heart to have my sweet girl happy & at home.

There was the 2 year anniversary of my brother’s (Ruzbeh’s) death – January 10th.
There was the above mentioned’s would-have been 32nd birthday – January 30th.

There was excitement about moving into a 3 bedroom apartment (compared to my 2 bedroom, with 4 of us here) and then the realization that after 9 days in the hospital, and very very little sleep, and absolutely no motivation to pack – that I would not be making that move. Boo.

There was (still is) days of feeling completely and utterly overwhelmed, and alone. Being a basically single mom is really friggin’ hard. When there’s 3 kids, 1 super sick and 1 (Makayla) kinda sick, that makes that really friggin’ hard skyrocket thru the roof. It’s emotionally draining, to say the least. But you gotta keep on truckin’ – cuz noone’s gonna make sure your kids needs are met but you. Doesn’t seem to matter if your needs are met. They really shoulda taught us this in highschool…

There was a fun trip to Spring Loaded that Uncle Matt treated Jazzy & Makayla to, and a trip to the zoo that was fun, so it wasn’t all bad. There were (2) good days…

Let’s just say I don’t have very high expectations for February… but then it won’t take much for it to be better than January ;)

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  1. I LOVED seeing these pictures, even though some of them were of poor Miss D in the hospital. :( Your girls always put a smile on my face! I hope February turns out better than January! ♥

  2. Marcy Kay, I’m so sorry about little miss D. I wish i could’ve been there for you. I’m so happy to see the pictures of those beautiful babes. I hope February goes much better for you, love. Many prayers for all of you all. Love you girl. I’m always here even if i cant be physically there the way need a friend sometimes.

  3. Ugh! Those pics of Daz in the hospital just break my heart. I am happy to hear she is on the mend. Love love love all of the pictures! Gosh….lady you are superwoman and I know that isn’t easy. You are in my thoughts!

  4. Loved the photos, loved the blog post. Sorry January was a rough month but February WILL be better. It’s gotta be, right?!? Hugs to you, my friend. :)

  5. I absolutely love the part about keep on trucking!!! you are so strong and you give me a feeling that i can be/am that way too! i love you girl and im glad everyone is getting better! feb will be fun hopefully!

  6. Well they do teach that in high school – a lot of them anyway. I know they did in mine and that was centuries ago, lol. I’ve seen lots of programs where they have life-like dolls who cry and wake their ‘mommies’ up all night long, and programs where they have the ‘parents’ dress up eggs or sacks of flour as their ‘kids’ and they have to ‘hire’ babysitters for them if they have to or want to go somewhere w/o them… The high school Logan went to made the national news with the high number of teen pregnancies and yet they have an excellent program for teaching teens what parenting is going to be like.

    Yet… like me and many others, most teens don’t grasp it or listen or want to accept that they don’t know everything and no one can teach them anything.

    A lot of us jump in anyway and learn by doing it the hard way.

    You are NOT alone in all the things you’re feeling!!! You ARE however, one of the few who are doing an OUTSTANDING job no matter how hard it gets! Most of us do the best we can; the best we know how to do at each moment in time… however few of us really do as well as you are, at least until we’ve had a lot more years of practice, lol. (Having Logan when I was 31 gave him the best Mommy of all my kids… I got better with age and experience).

    Yes, it IS hard. Really hard and really lonely sometimes. Those bright smiles and innocent laughter add so much to our lives; immeasurable blessings! Yet we are designed to have a companion, someone to help share the load and share the love and I know all too well what it’s like to be missing that half.

    But you are doing all the right things. Taking care of your family, putting their needs ahead of yours, planning for their future, and most importantly – looking to God for direction and strength. Believe me, HE will never let you down!!! Everything you are doing and everything you’re experiencing will work together for good because that’s what God promises to those who love Him!!!

    Besides… you had a yummy salad in there somewhere!!! LOL =) (had to end with a smile!)

  7. Life As Wife says:

    Im wondering if the comment above me is spam or if I’m an idiot that just can’t follow anything that was being “said.”

    I’m glad Dazlynn got to meet her daddy. I hope she is doing better!! Hang in there mama!

  8. Glad you are back and things are hopefully getting better for you and your adorable little ones! Always a pleasure reading your blog!

  9. That is a busy several months right there! Your Christmas looks like it was lovely … and his homecoming is very touching. I’m glad you caught photos of it all! Poor sweet thing in the hospital, so sad. I’m glad she is home and on the mend. My nephew (sister in laws, sisters son) has RSV, poor thing. It seems so tough for them. I hope the next several months are not so active – and that you’ll be able to get back into a good routine.

    Thinking of you often!

  10. I can totally relate to the feeling of being overwhelmed lately! Brantley & Zooey are just getting over RSV too, seems like it’s really making it’s rounds this year! Keep your head up, things WILL get better! I’m coming to find out motherhood is nothing but a crazy rollercoaster ride with ups & downs that only make the love we have for our children even stronger!

  11. i had soooo much fun catching up with you via my google reader. i am just now able to get over to say hello and tell you that your blogginess was missed.

    i am thrilled for all of the wonderful that has been happening for you and totally understand the blog break, life was happening and it was good stuff!

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