Happy List – Gender Reveal


Happy List time again my friends! I’ll get straight to it this time. Blow dried hair makes me happy. Even if it does get extra frizzy when the wind blows, no matter how many different “anti frizz” products I use. Having lots of “Mommy & Me” Photos with Dazlynn makes me super duper happy. With all my girls, of course, but these baby phases fly so quickly ya know? Having another GIRL makes me happy. This is little lady #5 for us! Crazy huh? No […]

DIY: Easy Bow Holder


As you can imagine, with 3 little girls in our household we have accumulated quite a few bows. My older girls have all of their bows together on a large bow holder, but my littlest lady just kinda had hers thrown in a box. I decided to take a few minutes to make her one real quick, and figured I might as well share it with ya’ll! As you can also probably imagine, lately I have been sort of limited on my “free time” so […]

Dazlynn – 6 months


Oh My Dazlynn How is it possible that you are 6 months old today? Not a concept I am a fan of having to grasp. I adore this stage you are in, I just wish you hadn’t reached it quite so quickly, because just as quickly as it came, it will be gone. Tear. Today you weighed 18.8 lbs. You have your 6 month checkup in 10 days, we will see your “height” and percentage then. In the last 10 days, you have reached 3 […]

Favorite Things Swap


Sorry I’m late in posting this! Last week I got my package from Noelle, who was my partner for Mamarazzi’s Favorite Things Swap! I loved that she wrote little notes on each item! Lotsa goodies! Easter Egg Coloring Kit (my girls will love!) Lemon Coconut Cupcake Mix Archer’s Farms French Vanilla Coffee Cadbury Mini Eggs (yummmm!) Cupcake wrappers for the cupcakes! Super cute! So so cute, and convenient! You know what I’ll be having tomorrow mornin’! Easter Awesomeness! Tropical Renewal Exfoliating Body Wash (smells delish!) […]