DIY: Easy Bow Holder

As you can imagine, with 3 little girls in our household we have accumulated quite a few bows. My older girls have all of their bows together on a large bow holder, but my littlest lady just kinda had hers thrown in a box. I decided to take a few minutes to make her one real quick, and figured I might as well share it with ya’ll!

As you can also probably imagine, lately I have been sort of limited on my “free time” so I wanted to do something quick and simple. Not including taking photos (lol) this probably took less than 15 minutes. I grabbed an 8×10 photo frame, some ribbon, some scrap fabric, and my handy dandy glue gun. I recommend gluing or taping a white piece of paper to your frame back if you have thin fabric, it makes the colors stand out brighter. You can also glue the fabric to a piece of cardstock or cardboard. But I decided to glue it directly to the back of the frame.

Cut your fabric to at least 10 inches wide by 12 inches long. Mine was a little small, it was already 9″ and it worked but it woulda been nice to have another half inch on either side when gluing it down. If you want it ironed, you should probably iron it now. I didn’t iron mine because I can’t find my stupid iron (don’t judge me) and like I said – I wanted this to be a quick project. Arrange your fabric how you want it to lay – I used clips to hold it down where I wanted it. You don’t have to do that, I just wanted to. If you dont have blank clips use your bows! Lol.

Glue down the fabric to the BACK of whatever it is you are gluing it on. Don’t glue on the front that will be showing. I say this because sometimes the glue kind of sticks out, you don’t want it to show lumpy through the fabric, ya know?

Arrange your ribbon how you want it. If you do it the way I did it, cut 2 pieces 12″ and 2 pieces 10″. To be honest though, Considering the size of my bows I think it would have been better to just make 3 vertical rows (so 3 12″ pieces), and I still might change it later (that’s the nice thing about hot gluing, it will pop off if you want to change it up a little).

Once you have those glued down (in the back only, do not glue the front because you want the front to be free to slide your clips under) it should something like the above.

Put your pretty creation in your frame, and tada! You have yourself a little bow/clip holder!

Now I just need to find all her bows (some of them seem to have grown legs lol) and decide if I want the 3 vertical lines or leave it how it is… hmmm…

Pretty cute, eh?

Also, if you like those bows shown above, I got them at Walmart for less than $3 a set! (not sure if it was $2.97 or $2.50) Considering how much time these stupid things take to make (I used to be all about making my own) that is quite a steal, and super duper cute!

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This would make an adorable baby shower gift! Get (or make) your expecting friend a bunch of bows for her pink bundle and make a little bow holder to hold them! Hope someone gets some use of this tutorial! Thanks for peeking in!

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  1. I love these! Cindy has one too. This one is adorable!

  2. Great idea!!! I’m starting to make headbands and bows and I might just have to add these to my list now too!

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