Happy List – Gender Reveal


Happy List time again my friends!
I’ll get straight to it this time.

Blow dried hair makes me happy. Even if it does get extra frizzy when the wind blows, no matter how many different “anti frizz” products I use.

Having lots of “Mommy & Me” Photos with Dazlynn makes me super duper happy. With all my girls, of course, but these baby phases fly so quickly ya know?

Having another GIRL makes me happy. This is little lady #5 for us! Crazy huh? No little guys in this family, na-ah! This sono session also made me happy. I’ve never seen such detail in a sono before. Look at those little feeters? Love at first sight, I tell ya.

When I think about it, it’s kinda weird to post sono photos. I know, everyone does it. And I’ve done it with my last pregnancies too. But think about it, it’s like “Hey! Here’s a picture of my uterus and it’s contents… inside my body!”…. not weird to you? I don’t post baby’s genitals, because you should be fine taking my word for it that she is a she. I wouldn’t post her genitals if she were outside the womb, why show them to you in the womb, huh? I’m just sayin’….

We also got this little gift package with the sono. Cute cute cute. Came with a onesie and a pair of shoes.

We also picked out (agreed) on a name for our newest addition today. I am not ready to announce it yet, but we love it. And having a name for her makes me love her even more. Is that silly? Maybe it makes it more real, “naming” her and all. Whatever it is, it makes me happy.

My girl’s getting along and behaving for decent periods of time makes me happy. Wait… makes me EXTREMELY happy. Not having to referee every 5 (or 2) minutes is super exciting. It means I can get things done. Like laundry, or dishes, or a chapter in a book. Ok, maybe half a chapter, a whole might be pushing it a little. But you get my drift.

Check that out. They are not fighting! They are even sharing the SAME coloring book… I had to document that. I have seen them do this before but using their own coloring books (large ones!) but never with the same, itty bitty coloring book. I don’t even care that they totally trashed their room (which I spent a decent amount of time picking up earlier) because – well – just look at them! Awesomesauce….

The idea of moving in a few weeks (well, more like 10 weeks or so) makes me happy. I loved this apartment when I first moved in, but now I hate it. Hate being here. Hate cleaning it. Hate having to see the maintenance guys on a weekly basis because something broke, or sprung a leak, or whatever the issue may be. Hate it! Maybe if they looked like Channing Tatum or Taye Diggs and smelled like expensive cologne I wouldn’t mind… but they don’t, quite the opposite in fact, I will let you let your imagination run loose on that one… Can not wait to be free of this. Never again will I live in an old complex again. NEVER I SAY! No matter how “cute and quaint and roomy” it is… This girl has learned her lesson, for sure.

That’s about all I’ve got today. Not that more things don’t make me happy, just that’s all I feel like sharing. Because you see, the girls are all passed out for the night, and I am gonna lay down on my bed (which is amazing, it makes me happy) and try to finish the book I’ve been reading for a couple months (don’t you hate when you enjoy a book all the way til the last few chapters and get bored with it? hmmph) and then get some shuteye myself. Oh, and my nightly quiet reading time makes me happy. Helps me unwind from the craziness of day-to-day life, ya know?

What makes you happy?

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  1. Ahhhhhh!!!! A GIRL! Hearing that news makes ME HAPPY! What fun news! Can’t wait to see her and hear the name you picked out! What book have you been reading? If ya need a new book I have a recommendation that you won’t be able to put down and you certainly won’t get bored!

  2. Life As Wife says:

    Congrats on the wonderful news!!

  3. Just thinking of you and hoping you are doing well!

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