My First Preschool – Traditional Scrapbook Layout


It’s official. My sweet little Makayla is enrolled in Preschool! She’ll be starting in September, 2 days a week – 3 hours a day. Not too much, but enough to give me a little time to run errands with just 2 babies (Dazlynn & Amyah whenever she makes her appearance) instead of 2 babies and a super active toddler. You may remember this post where I made the cover page for Jazereigh’s school scrapbook. Since Makayla is starting “school” I decided it was time to […]

Hello there, 6 am


I never thought I’d be able to say that I didn’t mind being up at 6 am. But every now and then when my sweet Dazlynn decides we need to be up early – I normally don’t mind. Jazereigh & Makayla are usually up by 8am – unless they stayed up late the previous night – which happens very rarely around here. So the time I have alone with my Little Cuddlebug is somewhat limited – and her little life is flying by so fast, […]