Hello there, 6 am

I never thought I’d be able to say that I didn’t mind being up at 6 am.
But every now and then when my sweet Dazlynn decides we need to be up early – I normally don’t mind. Jazereigh & Makayla are usually up by 8am – unless they stayed up late the previous night – which happens very rarely around here. So the time I have alone with my Little Cuddlebug is somewhat limited – and her little life is flying by so fast, I appreciate the quiet time we get to spend together.

Even if it is before 6 in the morning – after less than 5 hours of sleep.

I mean who would rather be sleeping than making memories like these?

Pure joy, I tell ya.

It’s days like this when I am reminded how blessed I am. I don’t have to wake up to an alarm clock extra early, force myself to shower and get dressed, do my hair, etc.. drop my kids off at daycare and head to work.

Instead, I have a human alarm clock, that varies in schedule, that I get to wake up to, and play with! She comes complete with toothy grins,  silly giggles, and warm snuggles.

I just adore this girl’s curls. Aren’t they sweet?

I love THIS TRAIN. Maybe almost as much as the kids do! My brother got it for Makayla’s 1st birthday 2 years ago. Sure, we’ve lost most of the blocks that go with it between our many moves the last couple of years, but it still runs like a champ – and all 3 of the girls love it (even my almost 7 year old tries to get on it still haha)

So we had lots of fun this morning, before the sun even decided to shine. We won’t tell Jazereigh – but her new coloring book may have a bite mark or two on it.

By 7 am she had had enough fun. Guess she decided it was too early to really be up, after all ;)


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  1. Missed reading your posts Marcy! The girls look beautiful!

  2. What a sweet post! She has gotten so big, and is so beautiful! Those are definitely sweet moments – I am grateful to have had plenty with my nephew at that age!

    How are you feeling? You have about two months left, right?

    Your new design is beautiful by the way :0)

  3. Oh my goodness she has gotten sooo big. Beautiful and in love with those curls!!! Love the pictures!!

  4. Ahhhhh SO precious! Definitely made my whole week! How awesome are the blessings and way awesome that you appreciate them so much and really know how blessed you truly are!!! Plus you bless us by sharing! Thank you so much!!!!

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