Wordless Wednesday – Instagram Style!

1.) Playtime!

2.) Purple resin rose necklace – $0.99! Couldn’t pass that up.

3.) Lunchtime!

4.) Finally got a new phone! And it’s WHITE! Squeee!

5.) New Shoes for Jazereigh & Makayla

6.) School Shopping!

7.) Jazereigh’s choice of backpack/lunchbox for this year

8.) Super cute shirt/skirt outfit I found for Dazlynn for $3.00!

9.) Dinner – YUMMO!

10.) Last minute trip to the commissary – because, ya know – heaven forbid we not have “meshy-yellow cereal” (aka lucky charms) for breakfast tomorrow.

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  1. Love the pics! Love chick-fil-a and that picture of the girls in the card is so cute!

  2. Love this! That dinner made me hungry and I just ate! LOL… Love the candid shots of the girls (play time and shopping cart) and love impromptu trips to go shopping! Chick-fil-a = YUM!!! The white phone is cool & all the bargains are way far-out!!! haha Most of all it’s just great to see you posting again!!! Missed you! Love you!

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