Worth a Shot…

My sweet Baby D, she turns 11 months in 2 days. Can you believe it? We have had some funky weather lately. Like it rains everyday – literally. At random times. It will be sunny one minute and the next rain clouds in the sky. What gives, North Carolina?

This morning I figured I would attempt to do some photos of my sweet girl while the sky was overcast and it wasn’t raining. I have a super cute prop set from The Little Crochet Shop that I am so excited to get photos of her in. However, she didn’t agree with me. I barely got a few shots of her in the tutu I made a couple months ago lol.

She didn’t want to stand, so opted to sit in the dirt… ok. After a few seconds in the dirt, apparently it was too itchy for her (or whatever) and I got this face, followed by her attempt to crawl away, unsuccessfully.

(see her cute little foot? awww…)

Even with her big sister out there trying to entertain her, she didn’t pay either of us any attention. No, no. She was much more interested in the grass and dirt and such that surrounded her.

I wouldn’t say she was impressed. Just interested.

In fact, she only looked at me *maybe* twice, once of which I got this face, which you can see – the sun decided to shine it’s not-so-lovely rays in.

Maybe tomorrow will be a better day for photos, maybe.

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  1. Melanie Platt says:

    I just sat down for a quick “mommy break” and happened upon your post! Yay…I am so glad you love the prop set and I can’t wait to see the pictures. I know it can be disappointing when you want a certain look for photos….but honestly…these are adorable. What sweet moments you captured…and her feet are to die for! Cutest little piggies!

  2. Oh me oh my how big she has gotten! What a cutie pie!! Love the new design too!

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