DIY Tutorial: Easy Hairbows


Yesterday Jazereigh had pajama day at school. I am a big fan of my girls always having bows or flowers or something in their hair (probably stems from the fact that living with my dad as a single parent, my hair was always in a bob and I don’t remember even once having a bow in it, lol) but anyways – I realized while getting her ready we didn’t have any bows to match her jammies (I mean really, who plans on needing bows to […]



Ok so I disappeared again, sorries! I’ve been busy busy. And even more busy. I’ve decided though, that I need to spend less time designing for others and leave myself more time to design for me. Or maybe not design for me, but blog for me. So in the next few days I will be adjusting my schedule accordingly. Til then, I wanted to share some photos I took this morning of my sweet littlest lady, Amyah Renae, who by the way turned 8 weeks […]

Chip Clips


You may, or may not have, heard of or seen Ikea “chip clips”, as I call them. Well, let me introduce you to these amazing little things. I guess it’s not that they are so “amazing” in general – they really aren’t better than any normal chip clip. However, it’s the affordability of them that makes me so fond. At $2.99 for a bag of 30, well it just can’t be beat, ya know? The funny thing is, in my home, they seldom serve their […]