Chip Clips

You may, or may not have, heard of or seen Ikea “chip clips”, as I call them. Well, let me introduce you to these amazing little things. I guess it’s not that they are so “amazing” in general – they really aren’t better than any normal chip clip. However, it’s the affordability of them that makes me so fond. At $2.99 for a bag of 30, well it just can’t be beat, ya know?

The funny thing is, in my home, they seldom serve their purpose.
Yep, it’s true.
Because in my home, the kids have decided they are much more useful as toys.

My 3 year old pretends they are “cropodiles” aka “crocodiles”. Apparently they are lots of fun. If she’s helping me put things away, she uses them to “grab” the stuff and when I thank her, she says “No Mommy, the cropodiles are doing it!”

She and her older sister also play family with them. Since they come in several colors and sizes, instead of playing with the numerous barbies and dolls they have, they prefer to play with them as “mom and dad and sisters”.

Yep, lots of fun.

And of course they are lots of fun for the little one, too.

Heaven forbid I try to take them away.

At first it’s a game…

Until she realizes I don’t intend to give it back…

She usually seems to have another one stashed somewhere, or her sisters sneak her one, so it doesn’t really matter if I take it away.

Why buy a $30+ Christmas gift when a $3 bag of chip clips makes them just as content? Ha!


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  1. I have them!!!!! i love those little suckers! :)

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