Park Fun!

Today we ventured out into the yucky, grimy weather that is most common in Washington. Well, I stand corrected. It wasn’t so yucky when we ventured out (or we probably would not have done so lol). We stopped by a local park that we had surprisingly never been to before, and the girls had a blast… until it started raining. Can you tell I am not super impressed with this state?

Here are a few photos from today. Amyah isn’t in them, she was tucked away warm and snug in her carseat taking a long, much needed nap (and I didn’t dare snap a photo and wake her, the repercussions may have been drastic…

These girls love to swing, can you tell? Dazlynn spent almost the whole time in there. She kept giving me really ugly looks when I’d try and take her out. Hey, as long as she’s happy, who cares how long she swings lol.

And once I got her out, turns out the slide isn’t so bad, either.

I just love watching my girls interact with eachother. Jazereigh is such an amazing big sister.

Check out this tree, isn’t it cool? I think I was more impressed with it than the girls were… but oh well. Made for a cute photo!

I am sure the day will come when Jaz isn’t so keen on playing with her little sisters, so for now I definitely soak up all the “I want to slide with Dazlynn!”s that I can get!

Really love this photo of Makayla swinging. She is so hard to get “good” photos of because she is in that “cheesy” smile stage. So when I luck out and capture some real smiles it tickles me pink, I tell ya!

Check out those curls, I can’t get enough of them! Dazlynn’s hair was so dark as a baby but it has really lightened up. Hopefully we get some good sun this summer – I’m looking forward to seeing the natural highlights get enhanced even more, woot woot!

And then I treated them to Red Robin, they were so excited. With 4 little girls lately eating out has felt like quite a chore. But they did so well today, happy mommy right here! They insisted I take a photo of this flower that they were amazed by and thought was the most “beautifulest” flower ever. And well, I had to document that we were at Red Robin, haha.

That’s it for now! I’ve got tons of other photos I want to share, there will be lots of baby photos (of Amyah) someday soon to make up for her not being in this post =) Thanks for stopping by!

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