Scenic Route

Organizing photos, I stumbled across some neat photos I took on our move up to Washington back in November and feel like they are worth sharing. Keep in mind they are taken while driving on the highway (no, I wasn’t the one driving) so quality may not rock but I still love them. These were all taken somewhere between Idaho and Washington, lol.

I thought this was really interesting. Being a southerner, I’d never seen something like this. My husband looked at me like I was crazy, I suppose these are things men discuss, who knows. But it’s a runaway truck ramp (duh, there’s a sign) for the big 18 wheelers to use if they can’t slow down fast enough for the turns going downhill. So crazy to think of someone needing to use this! I was a little worried myself driving down this highway, ya know it always feels like you are going faster than you are when you are in the passenger seat.

At one point (for awhile actually) we were so high up we were literally “in the clouds”! The girls thought this was really cool. (ok, we did too).

Took this because the sky was really pretty, but also I thought it was neat seeing the shadows of the clouds on the mountains.

SNOW! Yes, we were really excited to see snow. Even if it was in the mountains, on trees, and already melting, lol.  This was taken actually in Washington, I remember that much ;)

Moon beside us,

Pretty sunset behind us.

That’s it! Happy Wednesday!

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