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I got my first photobook from Shutterfly and just have to share it! This is not a sponsored post, just sharing something I absolutely adore! I had another coupon for a free 8×8 photobook (takes $29.99 off the price of any photobook 8×8 or larger pretty much) and made myself use it. I never seem to have an album ready to go when they give out those coupons. I put together an art album for my oldest with some random art of hers. It’s not really in an order, I had a few of hers from last year and some from this year in there. I haven’t gotten around to unpacking whatever box it is that has all the kids art work, so therefore it’s random, but that is ok – I love it! I ordered hers in an 8×11 size album, so I only paid $5 for it plus shipping.

Here is a peek at the pages I designed pre-printed.


Inside I made 2 templates, one with polkadots and one with chevron print. It is VERY basic and very simple, unlike most of the things I do lol. I wanted to add color but not take away from the art in the book. I alternated having the pages chevron/polkadot (see the entire album in the slideshow at the bottom) I added the title of what the photo was of and the approximate date it was drawn.

And here is the actual book! Excuse the quality of the photos, my big baby is needing to visit the canon hospital.

And the cute little title on the spine! This was a text option Shutterfly had, I just added a background image and wrote on top with their text tool. Much easier than trying to customize it in photoshop and hoping it lined up right. (The very bottom says Volume One)

Open it up and I was surprised by the texture of the paper that is attached to the inside of the book, very fancy feeling! (The pages that are printed are glossy and smooth though)

And here are a few of the actual pages!

Another spine shot and the back design:

Yup, definitely in love. My 3 year old is constantly asking when I will finish hers. What a neat way to save your little one’s art work without having stacks of paper cluttering your countertops!

If you would like to peek at the other pages in the book, here ya go!

Click here to view this photo book larger

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  1. I love this!!! I can’t wait till Jaiden starts drawing more and I can make something like this! You are so amazing!! <3

  2. I LOVE this! What a great idea! I ordered my first shutterfly book a couple of weeks ago of my own designs to see how well they print out. I can’t wait for it to arrive. I used a coupon so it was free! But… I think it may become addictive:)

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