Mom’s Mirror Makeover

With mother’s day now behind us, I figured this may be a good time to share a special project I finally completed. Long story short, my mom had this mirror. It was a cute mirror. Except she used it in her bathroom and it always had some of her – colorful to put it mildly – makeup.

White mirror + makeup = not so cute anymore mirror.

She passed away in May of 2011. When my brother, his wife and I cleaned out her apartment, I decided I wanted that mirror. What I would do with it I wasn’t sure, but I wanted it.

It actually hung in my own bathroom for awhile, serving the same purpose. Then I put it in our kitchen when we moved because there were no windows in that kitchen and it drove me nuts staring at a wall while doing dishes (ya know, having a mirror that looks like a window and being able to stare at myself was soooo much better, lol) I kept telling myself to repaint it or something but never got around to it.

So we moved, yet again, and I finally did it.

Here is what it looked like before:

I scrubbed it down as best I could. Taped around the mirror area, added some packing paper to cover the mirror and taped it down some more.

Painted with with Krylon black spraypaint. Semi-gloss I think it was. Bought a set of corkboards at walmart ($5 for a pack of four 12×12 squares) and cut them down to size. Also bought new hardware for the back to hang it up, and some little hooks for the bottom to hold keys and whatever else.

I refurbished this old thing and it has a fresh, modern new look, serves a purpose and still brings back the warm memories! Don’t think I could be happier with the outcome =)

That’s it for now. Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Marilee says:

    Tear… I hadn’t realized this month marked the 2nd anniversary of your Mom’s passing. I feel so blessed to have known both your parents -and to know YOU of course! Your Mom was unique & I’m glad you kept that special mirror. That was such a nice story you told here, about the mirror, the history, your journey with it, & the new/updated look & purpose it has. Something special to pass down to future generations as time goes on. NICE blog post! I love hearing about your feelings, perspectives, & experiences!!! I love you!!!

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