Fiesta Farms

A couple weekends ago we ventured out to the Fiesta Farms Pumpkin Patch. In all honesty I was really dreading taking all 4 girls out to a crowded fall festivity, but I had promised I would do it, so we did. We had a surprisingly good time – aside from Amyah refusing to wear her shoes. Just sharing some photos from our day!

First task to knock out was feeding the goats. There was one that was roaming around outside of the pen – and Dazlynn wasn’t too sure how she felt about that. They also had several cages with bunnies they got to feed carrots and actually open the cage & pet them.

There was a large tire swing all 3 big girls were excited about. I grew up with a tire swing in the front yard, brought back fond memories watching them have so much fun on it ;)

Who woulda thought tractor tires could be so entertaining?

And here’s some random animals. Makayla decided the turkey was “reeeaallllyyy ugly”, ha!

The girls were super excited about pony rides!

Gobble Gobble!

And trying to get Amyah’s photo at her first “pumpkin patch” Makayla felt she needed to be in it, and I’ll never turn down the chance for sister shots!

When we got home we carved a pumpkin. More like I carved a pumpkin – the girls wanted no part in it, but they were excited for me to do it. I had never carved a pumpkin before (yes, I just said that) but they were pretty happy with the results ;)

And yes, I totally took a photo with my kitty Jack O’ Lantern. Don’t judge me.


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  1. These little girls are just too cute ! :) Hope you had a great time !
    Xxx Mathilde

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